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I'm DJ'ing a fashion shoot in a photo studio in NYC. The wireless they have is not open network or something so I can't use the Remote app on their wireless system. I want to bring my laptop, my Airport Express and my iPhone, create a LAN and control my iTunes library using the app Remote. Is it possible? Reason is - the stereo system is in the dressing rooms and I can't see the set from there. I need to control the music from the set...

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    You can use an AirPort Express for streaming audio without the Express being connected first to another network or to the Internet.


    As you surmised, the Express can broadcast its own Wi-Fi network which you can send an audio stream over from your laptop once that laptop is connected to the Express' wireless network.

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    Just to clarify - the laptop will be hard wired into a stereo system through the Laptop's headphone jack. I just want to control iTunes remotely using the Remote app via my iPhone.... Can I do that too? Thanks Tess!

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    I just want to control iTunes remotely using the Remote app via my iPhone.... Can I do that too?


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    How do I set this up? I've looked at another post on this but I'm still not clear. Again, I don't have/want internet. Just want AirTunes. thanks!

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    The setup would be basically as follows:

    • Perform a "factory default" reset on the AirPort Express.
    • After the reset the Express will broadcast an unsecured wireless network with a network name of something like: Apple Network NNNNNN
    • Note that the status LED may continue to flash amber. This is telling you that there are a few other network settings that you MAY want to make on the Express.
    • Connect the iTunes host device to this wireless network.
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    I got this to work but not following the steps laid out above - but appreciate the suggestion (I hadn't seen it!). I got to the shoot and the stereo cable was exactly where I had predicted - running into the back of an iMac in the models' dressing area. Potentially akward to be in there all day... And it was 50 feet away from the set where I needed to see what was going on while controlling the music. Let's see, I did a soft reset on the AE with a paper clip. Then I used Airport Utility to set up a LAN (without internet and without joining an exisiting network). I saved it as a profile. That's a long story short as I don't remember exactly how I muddled through the set up but it worked.  I plugged the AE into a power outlet, plugged the stereo cable into the AE. I went over to my laptop and selected the wireless network I had just set up. I did the same with my iPhone. I then launched the Remote app and ran the music (while taking photographs no less!) from my iphone. The only down side was not having the internet - and not being able to instantly buy songs on iTunes throughout the day. But I just switched to the studio's internet signal for that... but of course that meant the music would stop playing so I had to time it well and not bring the whole vibe down. Anyway.... When I got home I plugged the AE back in and my home profile was still there, easy breazy. And next time I go to a shoot, the AE profile will be all set up and ready to go.