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I followed a post here from SANIBEL explaining how to successfully clear my cache. Then to clean out the cookies under the Security tab of Preferences by clicking on REMOVE ALL WEBSITE DATA. I then clicked on DETAILS and see that there are still lots of "PLUG-INS" there. Is it necessary to also remove them, i.e. will they also perhaps contribute to interference and if so, must I remove them manually?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Those are cookies you see not plug-ins.


    Root and user plug-ins are stored in:     /Library/Plug-Ins   and    ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins


    Plug-ins or extensions are add ons that can enhancet the way you use a browser.



    This is how to clear the Safari cache.


    From your Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Advanced tab.


    Select:  Show Develop menu in menu bar


    Now click Develop from the menu bar. From the drop down menu click Empty Caches.

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    Thank you Carolyn!


    I did clear the cache.


    And after I cleared the "cookies" by clicking on Remove all website data, it only removed the ones named as cookies, do I then just leave these other "291 websites stored cookies or other data". Or remove them manually? You explained very nicely to me that even though it says PLUG-INS they are still cookies, but were not removed.

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    Cookies and plug-ins are two different things entirely.


    Even if you Remove All Website Data from the Safari > Preferences > Privacy window (cookiees and data) cookies will be placed on the hard drive again everytime you visit a website.



    To manage internet plug-ins select the Security tab in the Safari preferences window.


    Click:  Manage Website Settings...



    Read here >  Apple - Apple's Use of Cookies