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Hello. I currently have an issue with an 160GB iPod classic as it won't restore or even reformat now, and the iPod is completely blank


In the usual mode, the iPod freezes iTunes straight away and also freezes My Computer when I try to click on the iPod entry. In disk mode, the iPod is available in My Computer to click on and move forward on the drive page, however the iPod isn't recognised in iTunes at all.


Previously, I was able to reformat the iPod, which in turn allowed me to restore the iPod after several attempts and it started to sync the songs held on iTunes. Sadly this didn't complete and crashed midway through. I have been unable to get back to that restore stage.


I have tried this iPod on a seperate computer and it does exactly the same thing, however the other computer works fine with a different iPod.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need more information from me to work out a solution.

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    have you reset the ipod?  see this


    if so it needs hardware repair

    Peace, Clyde

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    Yeah, I've reset the iPod several times. Is there another way to solve this without trying to repair the hardware?

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    Just managed to restore the iPod to it's factory settings using the Restore function in iTunes after using a different USB port and then reformatting the drive. However, after the iPod reset itself after the restore, iTunes is now frozen and the iPod display is now changing betwen 'Connected' and 'Synchronizing'. Any help to solve this?

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    I have the same problem.

    I plugged my IPod in whilst itunes was playing a track and it caused itunes to freeze.

    Now I can't plug the ipod in without itunes freezing until I unplug it.

    If I plug the ipod in before opening itunes, nothing will happen until I unplug the cable, then itunes opens.

    This happened before and I had to restore the ipod. Thing is though the ipod still works in a dock, I just can't use it with itunes.

    I'm trying to restore it but when I plug it in, my computer doesn't recognise it as an ipod, it shows up as Removable Disc H. I click on properties but it takes ages to get a response. It says it's working fine but lists that all space on it has been used.

    If I click on devices in control panel, it comes up as Ipod and device manager scans it but says there's no problem and the driver is up to date.

    The display on the Ipod keeps alternating between the 'connecting' screen with the rotating yellow circle and the static 'connected' with the yellow cable end picture.

    I have tried it in disk mode and updated itunes as well

    There's seems to be no way of restoring it without using itunes or My Computer which I am unable to do.

    Any suggestions?


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    Im having the same problem. It started last fall after an iTunes update. Everytime I would plug in my 80 gb iPod classic it would freeze & need to be reset. With the last iTunes update my iPod was unrecognizable to iTunes. I keep trying to restore it but it doesnt do a complete restore. I can't name my iPod & it wont sync. it works fine unplugged from my PC. Im running windows 8.1

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    I'm having the same problem with my Ipod classic - 80 gig on Windows 8.0.  Itunes locks up while the ipod display alternates between the 'connecting' screen with the rotating yellow circle and the static 'connected' with the yellow cable end picture.  I'm willing to format my ipod and start over, but not sure how without using itunes.  Any solutions?  Thanks!!

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    Okay All, I have figured this out.


    This fix I know works on Windows but the equivalent functions exist in MAC OS as well I simply will not be able to assist with the step-by-step. So the goal here is to reformat the drive--basically 'slick' it so as to reload. The keyword here is "reformat" vice "reloading". Once you reformat then you must "restore" but I get ahead of myself. Here are the steps:


    1. Connect iPod to sync cable.

    2. Go to windows explorer window and find "___ ipod" or whatever your ipod is labelled.

    3. Right Click on ipod icon and select "Format"

    4. Leave default settings: FAT32(Default) and ensure "Quick Format" is checked

    NOTE: This WILL ERASE ALL data on your iPod.

    5. Click "Start"

    Once completed it will inform you of as much "Format Complete"

    6. Right-click and select "Eject"

    7. Place one finger on the center button and another on Menu simultaneously for about 6 seconds. This will reset it if locked (as mine was). I was getting errors when trying to connect to iTunes and CopyTrans and this was the fix.

    8. Reconnect to computer

    9. Launch iTunes

    10. "Restore" the iPod in order to load latest software and yada yada. Your iPod will NOT work without this. Upon completion

    11. "Eject" again

    12. Choose "English" manually on the iPod and

    13. Reconnect and use as if brand new and loading music / videos / pics on it.


    Hope this helps all of you. God bless.

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    Yes, this will definitely work. For those using a Mac OS, here's what to do:



    -Plug your iPod into the computer and shutdown iTunes.

    -Go to "Disk Utility" in your applications folder or search for it in Spotlight.

    -Click on the drive that is your iPod (it should read: "159.84 GB Apple iPod Media")

    -Click on the "Erase" tab on the top and click "Erase..."

         (THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR iPOD. But it should restore the drive and make it usable in iTunes again.)

    -Eject your iPod and plug it back in again. iTunes should now be able to recognize the iPod.


    Hope this helped!