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This is driving me nuts. I have master files on an external hard drive and am trying to export images. 55 files are 'missing masters' - over a 1000 photos are ok, so I don't know why these are different. Following the advice on numerous posts, I can locate the referenced files - but they are marked in red. If I follow the folder structure, these files are all missing in the bottom half of the screen (file chooser). It's like they've been deleted? I can see images taken on the same day, just not the ones I'm looking for. I can see the image details, including file size, in the top half of the screen, so they must be somewhere. Please help.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 22.47.27.png

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    They are marked in red because to Aperture they are missing. If the files are in the located noted you reconnect them to Aperture using the bottom half of the window.


    It's difficult to tell from your post if you have tried to reconnect them and are not able to or if you haven;t tried reconnecting them yet.


    If you use Finder to go to the folder shown for them files are they there?


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    Thanks for your prompt reply.  When I go to the file path in finder they are not there, that's the crux of the issue.

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    You wrote:

    If I follow the folder structure, these files are all missing in the bottom half of the screen (file chooser).

    This sounds like you are looking for them in the bottom half of the Find Referenced files Aperture screen.


    Have you looked with the OS X Finder at the location the files should be? Do you have a backup of the referenced original files?

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    Hi. I have looked in the file path in OSX finder as well - the files are not there. I thought they were backed up on this hard drive, and that I had just moved the versions to a new project, but obviously not. I have conducted searches on the original file name (from the SD card) as well as the name I imported them as, across both the hard drive and my Mac - but no joy. am going to try and restore images on the SD card ... am so frustrated with time wasted looking for these files, really battle to understand Aperture's logic.

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    Just a thought, do you have spotlight indexing turned on for your external drive? If it's on your excluded list then searching for the file name in spotlight might not give any results.

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    I thought they were backed up on this hard drive,

    What do you mean by "backed up"?

    Is that drive not the original location where you imported the originals to?


    and that I had just moved the versions to a new project, but obviously not.

    What exactly have you moved, when and where?


    If you relocated yor originals, you may have renamed them or the folder they are in. The default setting in the "relocate dialog" is renaming. So, if your originals are now inside renamed folders, your drive with an earlier backup may be using differnet path names or filenames. Also, when relocating originals, Aperture may have moved the files and not copied them, depending on the settings.


    And what kind of drive is your external? The name "OpenShare" suggests a remote drive, not a directly connected drive? Have you been sharing the originals on that drive with other user accounts?

    -- Léonie

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    Hi Leonie

    • What do you mean by backed up?

    You are right - the external hard drive is the location the original images were exported to. I did not have them on my Mac hard drive. (I only worked that out later)


    • What have you moved and where?

    Having now read many posts on Aperture, I realised that I was working with versions in my aperture library and that the masters were on the external hard drive (this was a mistake - I didn't realise I had changed the import setting when I was trying to free up some space on my mac)


    I normally save my photos in projects in Aperture (by date), and have been selecting images and moving them into a new project for a printed book. But I think I have been moving the versions, and not the masters. I cannot work out how/where the masters can have moved to? I have run a search on file name on the hard drive and the mac and nothing pops out.


    • What kind of drive?

    It's a Lacie wireless hard drive, that only I use at home as an external storage drive. No other user accounts on that drive.


    I'm conceding defeat on this - am going to try and restore images on the SD card as I simply don't know what I could have done to lose these image masters.

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    I'm afraid if the files do not show up in the finder either then they are gone. Aperture will not move or delete originals on its own.


    If Aperture still believes these originals should exist then the only explanation is that they were removed from the external disk in some way outside of Aperture, via the Finder or some other application.


    While this is never a good situation feel lucky that you only seem to have lost 55 images, as you don;t know how this happened it could have been a lot worst. You need to take the time now to set up a good backup plan before you do anything else. As a minimum the external drive with the referenced originals needs to be copied right away to another drive. I would do this before trying to recover any images from the SD card. Again as you do not know how this happened anything is possible including a potential hardware problem with the drive.


    Also please take some time to become more familiar with Aperture, the library and how the parts go together. From your posts you seem to be unsure of just what a version is and how versions and originals fit together and where they are stored.


    Post back with any questions that come up while you do this and again please backup that disk ASAP.



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    Thanks Frank and Leonie. I managed to recover some of the photos from the SD card, reducing my 'lost / deleted' masters to 15... c'est la vie.


    Thanks for all your support. Trying to work out the most effective way to store my photos off line as my mac is at capacity, but this has made me wary of the external hard drive! Got to get to grips with how Aperture works - after a year of using it frequently you'd think I'd have got it by now!


    Cheers and thanks again