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I am running OS 10.7.5 on an iMac early 2008 20" machine. In the past couple of months my mail program seems to indiscriminately put some unread posts into either a deleted mail folder or trash  (Not sure why I have both) These are posts from groups I belong to where I receive most of the mail in my inbox. I have also had personal emails from family that were important but I only discovered them because if there is a dot by the trash showing unread mail I have to check it. I thought somehow it could have been my "rules" so I deleted all but a few of them and the problem still occurs. I would like to reset my mail configurations as there seems to be unnecessary folders. I am just not sure what to delete or keep when I do this. Also, I have certain posts with information that I want to keep so if I reconfigure it I want to be sure not to lose those.


On  iCloud I have the following mail boxes set up:

icloud (4 accounts)


GMail (3 accounts used primarily for junk)

iMac (20-inch Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.7.5)