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For the past several months I have repeatly gotten this update for my MacBook Pro.

Each time it asks to restart and then it comes right back up in the updates.

I have tried to update each one at a time with the same results.

Macbook Pro sm error.jpg

Anyone that can help?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011)
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    What update? Your image isn't showing. Don't post links to external images. Insert the image directly into your post by using the Camera icon in the tool bar of the reply area.

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    Try this, open Safari/Safari Preferences, General tab, where it says "Save Downloaded Files To:" select Desktop from the dropdown menu. If Desktop is not there, click other, then select Desktop from the left side bar.


    Then try downloading the standalone installer here, it should show up on your desktop. Double click on it to open the installer, and follow the prompts.



    SMC update 1.6


    You don't say which OSX you are running so I will include the links for those installers as well, select only the one that applies to your OSX, and download that one and follow the same installation instructions as above. (it should download to your desktop)


    Snow Leopard 10.6.x http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1678


    Lion 10.7.x http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1677

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    Ok got one cleared, still getting the Firmware Update.

    Also it's OS X Lion 10.7.5


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    Macbook Pro sm error.jpg

    I got the Security Update to load with the installer "sanjampet" provided. but now the "MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update" is stuck and continues to come up in the Update after several restarts.

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    Try doing this using the ethernet connection, instead of a WI FI connection.

    This will make it more more immune to any interference that could cause "corruption"


    Make the ethernet connection (plug the ethernet wire from your WI FI router directly into your Mac and then try the download again. WI FI is subject to many more interference RF (Radio interference) corruptions than a direrect wired conection. try the link again.

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    Ok I used the ethernet wire but still didnt get it to go thru, however you sparked my thinking and turned off the firewall............ BAM it loaded and restarted, problem solved. Many Thanks for the Help.