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  some days b fore i jst askd whether there is any possibility to change these keys... u asked to check out the nearest apple store...

To change these piece of buttons they askd to pay nearly $400.... Does this really cost that much?????

I can get a new laptop instead of changing this... I used to carry this mac for international meetings nol... ppl seeing my mac asks me___ is this the quality of mac??  It's a real shame.... hardly it's been less than two years buying this... does this keys really costs this much????

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Look for replacement parts on iFixit.com and Powerbookmedic.com.  Instructions on replacement will also be available.



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    The keyboard is integral to the top case, so they are quoting you a price for a whole new top case.  You cannot buy the keyboard separately - it comes as part of the top case  There is also extensive disassemble/reassembly involved in replacing the top case.


    see http://www.ifixit.com - the cost of a new top case for a say, 2011 unibody MBP 15" is about $300, then add on the labor to install it, and $400 seems very reasonable to me.