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Good Day

I am a complete newcomer to the world of Apple so please bear with me.


Is it possible to install iTunes onto a PC and ensure that it does not automatically search for and import music from my hard drive?


I ask because I have just obtained an iPad and would like to import my music and, as I understand it, this can only be done via iTunes. Is this correct?


Why do I want to set it up NOT to “auto search”?


I installed it (iTunes) a few weeks ago (in anticipation of the iPad) and it promptly searched for and imported all my music files – and completely stuffed the library, which took weeks to sort out!


I have numerous ‘compilation’ CDs with various artistes upon each and iTunes decided that it knew best and created several ‘albums’ of one track from one CD.

Hence, if I can install the programme and import my music manually it would make life easier……..if you get my drift.


My other thought is “Is there an alternative to iTunes?”





Windows 7