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Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi Bobby,


    Thanks for posting this!


    If I'm reading it correctly, it seems over the next 6 months we can expect:


    • Customize toolbar
    • Improvements to zoom and window placement
    • Multi-column and range sort
    • Auto-complete text in cells
    • Page headers and footers
    • Improvements to AppleScript support


    That's great news!



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    Yeaaaahhh ! 6 months more to wait , that's so great !

    Apple is 6 months + 3 months earlier, are they joking with users ?

    6 months for retrieve autofill, auto complete, cells, pages and so on as complaints seen here.

    They should have been more userfriendly, and give us somme nice new versions of Pages & Numbers end november or december.

    Now, if we must wait 6 months more, I'm afraid many Apple fans will use some non-apple apps and won't be back.

    So many people don't use @cloud, send to @faceb, tweet, youtu… they just want to work at home and just fine, iPhone or iPad or tablets Sams I don't need, just Pages and Numbers on my iMac ;-)

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    Close to 40 missing features on my list. In 6 months, four will be restored and two will be addressed in some fashion.


    I think we need to chart this!



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    Can you do that in Number? 

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    I see in email (but not here) posts from Jerry and Wayne suggesting we should chart the count of missing features, etc. in Numbers.


    Excellent idea! Of course that is already being done, in The Great 2013 Numbers Migration Gained and Lost List shared in the What has been GAINED thread with Ian duly appointed by Jerry, and on record as having accepted the appointment, to act as curator!


    I find this list really encouraging. Three of the items would have been on my top 5 hit list so I'm pretty happy. For me many of those other missing features not here fall into the "nice but not necessary" category, with easy workarounds. But one person's "bloat" is another person's "essential feature."



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