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I purchased an iPad 3 in September 2012. When I installed iOS7, the iPad went into recovery mode and had to be restored to factory settings. Yesterday, I tried installing iOS 7.0.3 and it did the same thing, and I had to restore it from a backup (which I was smart enough to make before installing this update). Before installing iOS 7.0.3, I was having problems with the iPad randomly going to the black apple screen for a few seconds and then returning to normal. Any idea what is going on? Do I have a v

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    You may have something corrupted in your backup file. If you restore as new and everything works properly, that is a very strong hint that something is bad in your backup file.

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    How would I find out if that is the case? What should I do if is the case?

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    I had this problem with my wife's iPad when I updated to 7.0.3 via OTA. It was easily fixed for me, and I assume it should work for everyone else.

    It appears that sometimes during installation of the OTA update to 7.0.3, it gets stuck in recovery half way through.

    You can connect it to iTunes and restore it, which will wipe it, OR you can download TinyUmbrella and kick it out of recovery. Once you do that, the installer should complete normally (it did for me).

    1) Download and install TinyUmbrella for your PC/Mac.

    2) Make sure iTunes isn't running and connect your device via USB.

    3) Open up TinyUmbrella. Your device should show up on the left. Click on it and then choose "exit recovery".

    4) Profit.