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The external hard drive that held my iPhoto library failed.  


However, about 1000 photos are still on my iPhone, because I don't like to delete them after I import them.    Yea!

I created a new iPhoto Library, and would like to import all the old photos into it, but it will only import "new" photos that were not ever imported into iPhoto.

How do I re-import the photos into my new iphoto library?


OR... How can I  grab the photos from the iPhone (my Photo Stream?) and save them onto my computer?


<obviously, I'm not that computer savy, so if your answer is really technical, it also needs to be really detailed... :-)>


Thanks for any help!   It's frustrating to see the photos out on my phone, but not have a way to get them back onto my computer.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    In the new library set the iPhoto/Photo Stream preferences as shown below:



    That should import the photos in the PS into your library.  Are these same photos in your Camera Roll?  If so you can connect the iPhone to your Mac with its USB cable, launch iPhoto and import all of the photos.



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    Thanks Old Toad. 


    I checked the things that you mentioned, but I'm not having any luck.

    The Photo Stream settings on the new library are correct, but it's only importing "new" photos from the last couple of months.  


    I tried connecting the phone to the computer and launching iphoto, and again, it doesn't show anything to import.  its like the phone is empty, but when I go into iTunes, it shows that there are about 4Gig of photos on the phone.


    in iPhoto, the PhotoStream only shows about 100 photos going back to Sept 28 2013.


    When I go into the iphone photos app, I show photos going back about a year to November 2012.. This is in the "Photos" tab on the bottom left.   When I click on "Albums" tab I get "My Photo Stream", which shows 966 photos.    Is there a way to get these photos from the iPhone photo stream into iPhoto?   Where do I find myPhotoStream?   is it on the internet somewhere, so that I can recover or reimport these photos?


    soo confused...


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    Are all of the photos in the Photo Stream in the Camera Roll on the iPhone?

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    I don't know the answer to that... How would I find out?  Where would I see the Camera Roll?   Isn't that what I'm looking at when I look at "Photos" tab?   The Photos tab appears to be equal to the my Photo Stream album, just organized in "moments" and "collections".

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    Click on the Photos app on your iPhone and under Albums compare Camera Roll to My Photo Stream.


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    Thank you, that was very helpful.  Nice Screen Shot, you tech-master! ;-)


    Unfortunately, the Camera Roll is zero. :-(

    So now what?   How do I get the photos off the Photo Stream and back on my computer?

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    Whild viewing them in the Photo Stream the photos as shown in this screenshot and select Save to Camera Roll:



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    Yea!   Worked like a charm!   You're my hero!   Thanks for being so patient, and Thanks for taking the time to help me!   What a relief to recover these photos!     I really can't express how happy I am right now!