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I'm trying to upgrade an older MacBookPro to Lion from Snow Leopard.  The MBP was built in 2007, and has a 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo, with 4GB of RAM.  It's currently running OS X 10.6.8, which means the computer should be able to run Lion.


I have purchased Lion before for other machines, and so if I log into the App Store on this MBP, and then click on the "Purchases" tab, I see OS X Lion at the bottom of my list of App Store purchases, with an active "Download" button next to it.  If I then click on "Download", the App Store puts up a spinning logo for a few seconds (up by the nagivation links in the top bar of the App Store), and then the spinner disappears, the "Download" button goes from greyed-out to active, and then that's it.  No indication that Lion has started downloading or anything like that.  I'm stumped.  By all indications, I should be able to download Lion, and not only does it not download, but it gives me no information as to why it didn't.



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    Wait...I may be an idiot...


    I went through this whole rigamarole of downloading the "Install OS X Lion" app onto a second mac, then copying that App over to the "Applications" folder of the old mac I'm trying to update.  Then, when I looked in the "Applications" folder of the old Mac, sitting there right next to "Install OS X Lion" was an App called "Install OS X Mavericks".  I have no memory of downloading that particular app, but perhaps it did, and perhaps once it did, the system prevented me from downloading the Lion installer...which would make some sense. 


    As of this moment, I am upgrading the machine to Mavericks, which seems like a win all around.