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Hi all. We've just upgraded to Mavericks and have started having issues with DVD Studio Pro. Firstly, it won't let us move titles around the page and secondly we can't change any of the buttons' colors. Reinstall DVD Studio? Wait for an update? Scrap Apple software altogether and go Adobe like so many others are doing? Thanks for the help in advance.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4), 12GB RAM
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    sorry, but upgrading an OS for software that's quite a few years old with out any notice of compatability from Apple seems like a recipe for disaster.  And Apple's never going to officially support any of final cut studio apps on anything later than snowleopard as.


    Did you do a clean install of Mavericks and then install dvdsp?  That's the recommended installation practice. 


    Here's a link to a user tip I compiled regarding the best methods of installing OS and FCP. 




    When I wrote this, I think that Lion was the latest OS.  Not sure how completely this will apply to Mavericks.

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    Thanks Michael will give it a try. I updated to Mavericks after everything was installed. Will also try reinstall DVD Pro and see what happens. Thanks again!

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    Any luck? I'm also having huge issues with DVD Studio Pro 4 after upgrading to Mavericks.

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    Hey Brad

    Nothing working yet - trying a reinstall of DVD studio tonight and then will know. We're running a Mac Pro with Lion so transferring files to that when done on the Mavericks machines in the hope that Apple will give us a solution. Alternatively we will be moving over to Adobe Encore and Premier Pro - very sad but we've got to do what works. Let us know if you come right and I'll also post if we do.

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    We reinstalled DVD Studio, including all the extra content from the Motion disks that it asks for (ie we just let it do it's thing!) And everything is working 100% today. Hope that helps guys! Having other major issues with Mavericks and some of our Adobe products at the moment - I'm usually one for only upgrading the OS months down the line when things are ironed out but couldn't resist at jumping at it since it was free! Lesson learnt again!

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    AHHHHH! False alarm - it worked for a couple of hours and then bombed out. Going to drop down to Lion again. Was considering going Adobe all-out but Mavericks is stuffing their software out as well. *sigh* I miss Steve Jobs!

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    I just got around to upgrading to Mavericks and thought I'd add my 2 cents' worth. The software still works, with 3 exceptions, two of which already popped up in Mountain Lion. 1) DVD's burned within Studio Pro seem to be fine, but they always stall about 3/4 through. The work-around is to print the DVD folder from Toast Titanium. My guess is that StudioPro can't keep up with the disk drive. 2) It is impossible to reset the standard size for subtitles, which is much too large. That's because the change font dialogue box in preferences brings up Font Book, which always crashes the program! Workaround is to convert stl subtitles to text and insert instructions above the subtitles for fontsize, font, and color. This overrides the presets, and you'll find spruce-micro formats in the manual. 3) The new problem, as I've seen reported here, is that pull down menus for changing buttom colors are now blank. This is less of a pain if you write out the order of the colors that used to be there. To save you time, here they are: red, black, blue, white, pink, aquamarine, light green, yellow, magenta, orange, purple, green, dark blue, light purple, olive, brown-red. Hope this helps!

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    Richard- thank you! Thanks to your tip I no longer have to switch to an older computer just to change my subtitle colors to yellow. Wonderful!