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Tabbed browsing is seriously one of the major cosmetic and functional updates of any modern web browser.  I routinely have 10 to 15 pages open in different tabs at any given time.  However, Safari 7.0 strips the page icons from the tabs, turning tab navigation into a bumbling treasure hunt.


For example, the Gmail tab will display whatever the title of the currently open e-mail in the tab is, without any indication that it's actually Gmail.  Even while typing in this window, my tab just shows "Start New Discu...", no indication that I'm on Apple's website.  It's a minor annoyance, but it does hinder workflow for me because I can't quickly see what tabs are open at a glance.  Whereas, in Chrome, not only can I see all the icons in the tabs, I can even minimize ("pin the tab") where it ONLY shows the icon, because that's all I need.  I understand the aesthetic appeal of minimizing clutter, but not at the expense of usability and productivity.


Now, I have spent a few minutes trying to find a setting for this to toggle, and (obviously) was unsuccessful, so if there's a fix, please let me know.  However, if there IS a fix for this then it can't possibly be an intuitively designated area, which is what I would normally expect from an Apple product.


Just let me have my tab icons, that's all I want man!

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    There were no icons in the tab headers for Safari 5 or 6 either.

    It's possible that you used something like Glims, which modifies the way Safari works to include that.


    The previous version of Glims caused numerous problems when users updated to Mavericks & Safari 7 or to Safari 6.1 on Lion/Mountain Lion.

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    I've been using Chrome for so long I didn't realize Safari 5 and 6 lacked tab icons as well.  I only started using Safari 7 with the Maverick upgrade because I really liked how fast it was working and how nicely it displayed the web (it's a noticeable difference).


    I've never even heard of Glims.


    Unfortunately this is going to be a deal breaker for me -- bummer.

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    I have been using Chrome for years, and after installing Yosemite I wanted to give Safari a chance. This will be a deal breaker for me too as I always have about 15 tabs open and I am very used to switching between tabs based on the icon. Reading each tab to find where to ckick is not an option.