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Hello everyone!

So I reinstalled OS X Mavericks on my Mac mini yesterday, and I even made a copy (?) of everything with Time-Machine.

Before the installation my external hard disk was being stupid and only showed me the Time-Machine copy of my MacBook Air and not the one I needed..
That made me reinstall OS X Mavericks because there is no other option, but when I started my Mac mini 'for the first time' (after the reinstallation) I saw iMovie and iPhoto where missing, so I went to the App Store and searched for iMovie first. It just gave me the iMovie page but instead of showing a download button it showed me a button that said 'Accept', so I clicked that and then a pop-up said 'Log in with your Apple-ID to accept all available apps'. I did that but nothing happened? So I went to the Apple iMovie site and opened the App Store via the button 'iMovie -> Open in App Store (to download)' and again that 'Accept' button... The exact same thing happened with iPhoto. Now I'm stuck and I don't know what to do.. I need iMovie tomorrow for an English project which I have to start all over again because my Time-Machine save/copy was gone...
Please help me!



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