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Good day,


First off, I don't really post here so it is just appropriate to say that I love Apple and I totally love Mac OS X. I've seen the operating system evolve since Tiger about 8+ years ago when I bought my first Macbook Pro and I'm on my 3rd one now. Well done to Apple with the latest Mac OS X Mavericks, it's fantastic.


I used to ask Safari not to autofill on certain sites in the past. I can't remember why exactly but I figure it was because the autofill and keychain didn't work as I expected or wanted it to work so it caused problems. I've also used 1Password all the time so I could've pressed "Never Save..." for the sites I regularly use to prevent the double-dialog.


Now, with the latest iCloud Keychain, it works much better and there are some sites where I want to use it but previously asked not to prefill on those sites and can't figure out how to reset them so that they will ask and autofill again like other sites. With the iCloud Keychain, it is almost good enough to ditch 1Password. It works really well, I love it, especially since I can do so much more with my iPhone now which I didn't do before since I don't know all my logins off by memory.


So, ultimately, how to reset the list of sites I've asked Safari not to save and autofill usernames/passwords on?


I've tried the "Allow autofill even for websites that request passwords not to be saved" but that doesn't work.

Some sites simply don't ask and simply don't autofill at all.


I've searched the internet and checked all the settings but I cannot find a solution.


I hope it makes sense and I hope that someone can help me to figure it out please.


All the best

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.3)