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Since I update my macbook pro 13" (june 2012) on Mavericks, I can't acces to my icloud accont for Mails, Contacts,...


It's work with the app store and on icloud.com.

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In English they says:
"Apple ID. unmanaged

This Apple ID. can't be use for iCloud.
Connect you with an other Apple ID."



But Why? I aleready use this apple ID in the past, why now?



MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Have you tried logging in from system preferences > iCloud instead.

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    Yes, I try in system preferences.


    I try too on iMessages, and it works! (juste for this)


    It's realy strange

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    You appear to be trying to add your account in the Mail application. You shouldn't need to do that if you can log into system preferences > iCloud and enable mail.

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    I can't log into system preferences > iCloud


    Sorry if I my English is not understandable (isn't my spoken language).


    I can't connect my icloud accont for Mails, Contact, Notes or into System Preferences > icloud (and System Preferences > account).

    For each, I have the message on my first post.

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    You might try the following, but skip any steps that you are unable to perform.


    1. Sign out of your account


    (If you are unable to do this because System Preferences has frozen, Force Quit System Preferences and try again)


    2. When prompted, opt to delete, contacts, calendars etc from your Mac.


    (You are only deleting this data from your Mac, not from iCloud, the data will be reinstated when you log back in. If you need to check that the data is in iCloud before deleting it go to iCloud.com and check each section for data)


    3. Having logged out, check that the iCloud accounts along with their data have disappeared from the Mail, Address Book and iCal Applications.


    (If necessary, delete the iCloud accounts from each of these application separately from each Applications Preferences)


    4. At this point it may be worth trying to log into iCloud from the System Preferences iCloud settings again, if this works, all well and good, if it doesn't continue to step 5.


    5. Open your User Library folder in the Finder. (When in the Finder, go to the Go menu, hold down the option key (alt) and choose Library when it appears in the Go menu)


    6. Navigate to Library > Application Support > iCloud and drag the iCloud folder to your desktop. (This action only copies the folder and will provide you with a back up)


    7. Select the iCloud folder again in Library > Application Support and drag it to the trash, enter your administrators password when prompted.


    8. Restart your computer.


    9. You should now be able to enter your ID and Password in system Preferences > iCloud and log into your account. Check the services you wish to use and once you are satisfied it's working as it should, trash the iCloud folder you copied to your desktop earlier.

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    I try all, and it's the same message.
    Maybe the matter is not on my mac, but on apple server? Or right of my account?

    Who can I contact for that?

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    For contact try:


    Express Lane (select your country, navigate to iCloud help and enter the serial number of one of your devices)


    Please let us know if you find a solution.