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I recently reformatted my laptop, and had a new hard drive installed on my 2008 MacBook Pro. I'm running mavericks.


I have had these freezes happen to me on several login pages. I know it happened when I tried to log into Skype, when I tried to pay my GCI bill (login page), and I think it also happened when. Tried to log into an MMA forum.


It's always during a log in page, and it seems like it happens when I click on one of the boxes (username or password box)


I know I recently installed 'shockwave' flash or something...before I just had 'flash' so maybe that is it?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro, iOS 7.0.3
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10

    Try troubleshooting Safari extensions  ..


    From the Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Extensions tab.


    Turn that OFF, quit and relaunch Safari to test. If that helped, turn one extension on then quit and relaunch Safari to test until you find the incompatible extension then click uninstall.


    If it's not an extensions issue, back to the menu bar, select the Privacy tab.


    Click:  Remove All Website Data


    Now select the Advanced tab.


    Select:  Show Develop menu in menu bar


    Now click Develop from the menu bar. From the drop down menu click Empty Caches.


    Quit and relaunch Safari to test.

  • Sodabiscuit12345 Level 1 Level 1

    No luck with the extensions. Safari just froze now while trying to log-in to these discussions! I have to use my ipad to post here or else the laptop freezes when I try to log-in here.

  • Sodabiscuit12345 Level 1 Level 1

    How likely is this the culprit: MY BATTERY???


    The battery was dead. Like REALLY dead. If I unplugged it, the laptop died.


    I just now replaced it, and had not problems login in anywhere.


    Can it be???


    How messed up would that be?