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All of the sudden, my podcasts no longer show up in the "List" section on my desktop and don't sync to my iPhone. I had not changed any setting beforehand and I am baffled. In fact, the "Podcasts" icon on my iPhone used to have a red number of around 230 in the upper right corner but now it has completely disappeared. All my programs are the latest versions and all my settings are to keep Podcasts on iTunes until I manually delete them. Any ideas? Thanks...

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Also, when I hit "My Podcasts" and try to move the individual podcasts to my iPhone, they do not transfer over. Still have no idea what's going on.

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    Alright, after checking the App Store updates, the 11.1.3 iTunes update occurred right before my sync problem so I'm guessing this is the culprit. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Happening for me too, but before 11.1.3 iTunes upgrade.


    Podcasts download fine to iTunes, but no matter what I do they don't sync to the Podcasts app, they just appear with the "download from iCloud" icon, meaning I have to download everything twice.

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    Yeah, I can only play them and see them when I hit the "My Podcasts" tab. The only one that shows up when I click the "List" tab is the very latest podcast and nothing before it. Ugh.

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    I'm having this same problem with podcasts showing up on my iPhone with the cloud icon and I have to download them again on my phone.  Then the next time I sync with my Mac after I've listened to a podcast on my phone, it does not show in iTunes on my Mac as having been played or partially-played like it used to.


    I wasn't having it before I went away for the holidays.  Now I'm home and my podcasts are not synching between my phone and Macbook Air.  I sync via USB cable.  I have up-to-date versions of MacOS, iOS, iTunes, and the iTunes and Podcast apps.


    I've tried various settings combos on my phone and Mac.  Nothing seems to correct this.  The help on the Apple site is not helpful.

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    It looks like it is a bug in iOS 7. Same for me here. It is really weird and strange thing. When I do sync podcast to iPhone and iPad (5S and 4th respectively) - only one, latest 'channel' is shown andit shows "1 episode". However if you try to play it - it might be any of the synced podcasts. If I start to delete the podcast episode - it deletes current one and next pops up. It has the same name but the video is the next from synced ones. IF I delete that one - next pops up and so it goes until one by one all podcasts that where synced pop up and then get deleted.


    The bug is 100% repeatable and happens on both devices with iOS. I even tried wiping and restoring iPad - the bug is still there.


    I also have latest iPod touch which I decided to keep on iOS 6 - this is the only device where podcast work perfectly. That's why I assume the bug is not in iTunes but in iOS 7 alone.

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    Thankfully, I've learned that it doesn't affect my iPod Nano (not run by iOS) which is the device I use most often to listen to podcasts. The problem is still there for my iPhone though so it has yet to be resolved.

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    Thanks, Promiceus.  That's helpful!  And cegordon00's response certainly doesn't contradict the idea of it being an iOS 7 problem.


    Now I've noticed that they sync is also not syncing my playlists.  I added new songs to one of my playlists in iTunes on my Macbook Air, and none of them appear on my phone after I sync it.  I didn't check that before, so I don't know if this is a new issue or related or the same as podcasts not syncing.


    I tried unselecting the updated playlist and syncing, thinking if I took it off and put it back on, maybe that would work.  Unselecting it did nothing - it's still on my iPhone 5.  Re-selecting it and syncing again had no effect.


    I have read some related posts from people having trouble syncing after upgrading to iOS 7, so there seems to be a lot of evidence that the problem lies somewhere in iOS 7.  At least one of the threads for the overall "not syncing" problem suggests that it could be a problem with a corrupted backup or with a corrupted installation of iOS 7.  It suggests reinstalling iOS 7.  For that, I'll be making a genius appointment.  I'm sure I could do it, but I'd rather not take my time to learn how to do it when someone at the Apple store will just know.

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    Yes this is happening to me as well. I don't want them on the cloud. I don't have the money to waste on my data plan. I need the podcast to download to my device and NOT reside on the cloud.


    Apple ***!!!!!

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    We are now in Feb, is there any update to this? Will there be?

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    i guess for me its teh same: itunes no longer copies teh podcasts, but only pretends to copy tehpodcasts. I can se ethe progress bar, but my ipad is empty. ***!

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    Been trying to figure this out myself. I wasn't sure what was going on with podcasts. Seems it showed as an issuewith proper list management on itunes, but my list on (iPhone 4) is really messed up - I get multiple icons and everything seems to want to be downloaded from the cloud.


    I tried using the support option, got a ticket # and ran diagnostics only to have that do nothing and when I tried to rerun it  - ticket number is invalid!


    Where is support for these updates?

    Where is an option to return to working verisons of podcasts?

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    Had the grey podcast list in my ipad. Deleted the app, downloaded the app on ipad and responded positively to all syncing popups, voila I got my list back.

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    Wanted to test again, deleted all the podcasts and the app from iPad (Model MC706ZP/A Version 7.1). Installed from iTunes for Windows (Version, though the individual podcasts that were synced from iTunes, none were displayed in the app itself, "No Podcasts" in "My Podcasts."


    Attempted to sync the podcasts from iTunes for Windows. No luck, though transfered two new episodes. Surprisingly, the list is displayed in the submenu of "On This iPad:Podcasts" and does play from iTunes for Windows.


    Reinstalled Podcast app (Ver 2.0.2) directly from Appstore in iPad.


    Had the following pop-ups.


    1. Sync Podcasts

         Would you like to use your Apple ID to sync your Podcasts and My Stations between devices?

    I opted for "Sync"


    2. Turn On Auto-Downloads

         Would you like to automatically download new episodes for your podcast subscriptions?

    I opted for "Not Now"


    I got my podcast list back again.


    Hope this resolves the nightmare.

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