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    I did the reinstall also, and it worked for 24 hours or so, and then started doing teh same **** again.


    But I found the best solution ever! Guaranteed to solve all your podcast problems!

    What you should do is the following:

    - Get a micro SD card (32GB or 64GB, depending how much many podcasts you have)

    - put the micro SD card into yoru card reader.

    - Download yoru podcasts as normal in iTunes.

    - Browse in FInder or Explorer to your iTunes library.

    - Depending in your setup, your podcasts are probably located in the subfolder iTunes Media>Podcasts

    - Highlight all the podcasts you would like to transfer to your iDevice, and press command-C (Control-C on Windows).

    - Browse to your micro SD card.

    - You might want to create a folder named "Podcasts", though this is not mandatory.

    - Press command/control-V

    - Wait for all the podcasts to transfer to complete

    - Eject the micro SD card

    - Insert the micro SD card in your Android device and play with the media player of your choice.


    Works like a charm!

  • cegordon00 Level 1 (0 points)

    For the first time since November of 2013, podcasts have actually downloaded to my iPhone. I plugged the device into my laptop yesterday and, as it was going thru its sync, I saw all the podcasts that are still left in "My Podcasts" transfer to the phone. I made NO changes to any settings so perhaps it was a new update that allowed this to happen. I listened to one of these files thru the "Podcasts" app for the very first time last night on my iPhone and it was fantastic (had to play them thru "Music" before this problem began).


    Just one minor problem still remains: I still can't see the entire list of podcasts under the "List" tab. Just shows the very latest podcast and nothing else. I can live with this trade off though...

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