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Hello Community

i bought late 2013 retina macbook pro,

and installed photoshop cc,

it is abnormally laggy.

by that i mean, even a small psd file, empty canvas, small brush, when i draw a line, it is laggy.

I suppose it is a driver problem

anybody has same problem?

and is there any solution?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Is yours a 13" or 15" rMBP? This is kinda important because the 13" (unfortunately) has only a dual core CPU with only a single GPU. The 15" has quad core CPU with two GPUs.

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    it is a 15'' rmbp.

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    Same problem here... CC and CS6 suffer from a major bug... Keyboard freezes at some point and you have to click back in photoshop in order to make it work again... CS5 is not suffering from that problem. I don't know who is the guilty one here: OS X Maverick, Macbook Pro late 2013, Adobe or Wacom... Hopefully it gets resolved soon as this is a work computer...

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    Hi guys,


    Ive posted a fairly similar topic today. On my new Macbook pro retina 13" with 2.6Ghz, 8GB RAM and 256SSD CS6 was abnormally slow and laggy when editing files that my 8 year old laptop handled perfectly.


    I noticed that when I removed my wacom tablet and edited with the trackpad or a mouse the lag went away! The mpb was snappy and responsive when editing the file. \


    My guess is that the wacom drivers arent updated for retina macs and they cause some sort of malfunction with photoshop.


    Ill keep you guys updated if i find something better.

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    same problem here. my $3,000 maxed out MBP is extremely sluggish in PS and LR. Looking for solution!

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    I'm pretty sure it is a software problem/incompability. It cant be that the retina display cripples a device that was made for graphical editing in photoshop/lightroom/indesign/illustrator/... without Apple noticing.


    Still looking as well

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    The only to solve this right now would be to revert to Mountain Lion which you can't do with a brand new device... A brand new fully loaded Macbook Pro with Photoshop keyboard freezing every 5 minutes... Awesome.

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    Anybody tried 10.9.1 to see if it solves it? Tracking the problem on Photoshop and Wacom forums... Seems like a huge problem that everybody is having with the keyboard freeze under Mavericks...

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    Kinda stumbled on this post.  Have a brand new Imac.  Running Photoshop cs6 and it ran fine until the Mavericks update.  Brushes "stick".  i hav e to click off of my project, onto the layers pallette, or off of photoshop in order to shake it alive again.  then it works fine, then BAM... again, it occurs. 

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    Hmmm, interesting. This would indicate it isa. Problem related to Mavericks, and not the retina display. Thanks for the heads up!

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    I'm running CS6 on a Mac Pro 3,1, 24GB RAM, and I have had this problem in 10.9 and 10.8. People complain about this on the Photoshop forums as well. You're not alone!

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    How the f*** is adobe/apple not aware of this and not fixing it? These are hardware products specifically created for the creative industry that runs these apps and they work better on windows machines? Come on apple. Now Ive got a 2000$ facebook machine...

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    Me too! Any new on this problem? I keep looking