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Hello, everyone.

I am experiencing two, what I believe to be, very annoying software glitches on my 5th Gen iPod Touch 64 GB.

I know for certain that I am not the only one because I have read other articles in this forum with people going through the same thing. However, a solid solution ceases to exist and people don't really know how to explain the problem.


My device is running iOS 7.0.3 and iTunes 11.1.3


Here are the issues:


  • When my music is playing and I have the screen locked and then I slide to unlock it, the song that is playing rewinds to the point where I locked the screen initially. It happens with every song. If I purposefully forward it to, let's say for example, 3 minutes into the song and I locked the screen 10 seconds into the song, when I unlock the screen, it'll automatically rewind to when I locked the screen (which was 10 seconds into the song). Annoying as ****.

  • The second glitch is less annoying, but annoying nonetheless. Let's say I skip to the next song after 3 minutes of the song I was just listening to and then I want to go back and hear that same song again from the beginning, it will start me off from when I skipped to the song which was 3 minutes into the song. Why the ****?

I refuse to believe that I am missing something because I checked and have tried a 'solution'. The only existing solution that I've managed to find was to restart the device and the 1st aforementioned glitch disappears... but reemerges later, AGAIN! Who really wants to be restarting their device over and over, let alone a NEW device that's supposed to be better?. Let's not get into the $400 I spent on it (taxes...).

On a serious note, someone please give me closure and tell me that Apple is aware of this and they intend on patching this up. It should be a little embarassing to them the my 4th Gen iPod Touch functions flawlessly- but why should I revert to it?

The forum I read here was from September 2013... we are in November. Do they know what is happening? They're Apple... I would assume that they do.

Any insight of any kind from anyone with intellectual prowess, please respond to this thread/plea


Thanks, everyone!

iPod touch, iOS 7.0.3