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Okay, so I listen to songs of many different languages, and sometimes, I just want to listen to a certain language. This wasn't a problem for me in the past because I would enter the composer of the song as "French", "Japanese", "Swedish", and the like (The actual composer I put in the Contributing Artist section). Thus, when I turned on my iPod, they would be separated that way. I've gotten a new iPod touch which runs the OS7, and now the Composer section seems off. Some categories are fine, for example, "Finnish" only has two songs from one album because those are the only Finnish songs on that album. Makes sense, right? But then I choose the category "French" and for some reason, that includes some songs which I know I marked as English. Generally, the languages that I listen to more often are the ones with the errors. It seems to me that, for some reason, the larger categories will show all the titles in a whole album as opposed to just the one song which was sung in a different language. It's frustrating, but I know iTunes never really bothered with language separation. I'm certain this is an error though, because it never behaved this way in OS6. My iPod has gone through the restore and restart and all the things you do before asking the internet what's going on. If you can't help with the error, or at least explain it, any recommendation for what I should do to get them sorted by languages?

iPod touch, iOS 7.0.3