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I've got a late 2006 ipod classic 5th gen 80gb that has been having some issues when syncing to itunes every week. Half the time the ipod will get stuck on "Do not disconnect" but won't sync so I disconnect and reboot the ipod, plug it back in and it syncs fine.  The other half of the time my computer will tell me that the ipod needs a fix and either aske if I want to fix (wipe it) and sync or sync without fixing.  I have almost 60gb of music on it and don't want to wipe it so I sync without fixing.


Yesterday I took the ipod into apple because the problems I mentioned above happen every time I try to sync now.  The Genius said that my ipod showed some retractions but they thought my hard drive was intact but I needed to wipe it to be certain.  So they wiped it.  It showed new retractions so they wiped it again.  The Genius said even with 60gb of music it shouldn't take more than 4-6 hours to sync.  This was shocking to me because the last time I did about a 30-40 gb sync it took about 20 hours.


Yesterday I started syncing and it was as expected very slow going.  I forgot to turn of my computer's sleep/hibernate time outs so after syncing to about 20% my computer shut off.


Today I started a sync after changing my pc's sleep/hibernate time outs and after 14 hours (approx 28%) my computer turned off for no reason.  I'm really frustrated.


The question finally!  How can I get music synced back on to my ipod???


OR I thought maybe syncing in chunks might solve these "shut downs" and having to start from scratch.  Maybe I could sync all the songs that start with "A" then when that's done "B" songs. etc. . .   How can I uncheck/unselect ALL of my songs without having to manually uncheck each one?


The Genius told me that the classic Ipods aren't really suited for ongoing gym use because the hard drives aren't as durable as the chips in shuffles/nanos or touchs.  I was gifted a nano today that I plan on filling with just my gym playlists.  Should I try syncing the new nano before trying to get my classic synced?


Thanks for any help!

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    I'll just start with where you ask the actual question...


    The stuff you describe before the question sounds like either data corruption on the iPod's storage, or it may be a hardware problem on the iPod's hard drive (making the drive work unreliably).

    How can I get music synced back on to my ipod???

    Instead of loading the music manually, which is what you seem to be describing with "A" and "B" songs, you should use automatic syncing.  This is how to set up automatic syncing.


    First, if the iTunes sidebar (along left side of iTunes window) is not visible, from the menu bar, under View, select Show Sidebar.


    Find the iPod in the sidebar, under DEVICES, and select it.  There is a bar of buttons near the top, starting with Summary.  Click on Music next to Summary.  This is the iPod's Music screen, where you tell iTunes how to sync songs to the iPod.


    NOTE:  When you set up automatic syncing, any songs on the iPod that are not in your new iTunes library will be lost.


    Check the box for Sync MusicYou can choose to sync Entire music library, if your iTunes music library fits on the iPod.  With this setting, your entire iTunes music library syncs to the iPod.  Otherwise, you can choose to sync Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.  Then, select (checkmark) the playlists, artists, albums, and/or genres you want on the iPod from the lists below.  When you click Apply, the songs from your selection sync to the iPod.  Going forward, changes to your iTunes library (based on your settings on the iPod'sMusic screen) sync automatically to the iPod, the next time it is connected (or when you click Sync).


    If you did that already (after doing a Restore), and the sync does not succeed, you may have a hardware problem on the iPod's hard drive.  The Restore succeeds, because it is only using a small portion hard drive to reinstall the iPod's software.  When you start to sync and fill the rest of the iPod's storage, the syncing gets to a portion of the hard drive that has a problem with "bad sectors" or other issues.  It slows down and eventually errors out.  It should not take 20 hours to sync 40GB of data.  My iPod syncs with about 30GB of music in a few hours.


    When the Genius at the Apple Store was helping you, was he using the store's computer and USB docking cable, or did you take your computer (assuming it's a laptop) and cable there?

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    The procedure you described is what I have been doing to sync my ipod.


    The Genius used their computer to Restore my ipod.  In fact when I plugged it into my pc when I got home my computer stated it was restored by a Mac and wanted me to restore again before I could proceed, which I did.


    I'm attempting a third sync now and if that doesn't work I may try a manual sync.  Is there a way to uncheck all songs in itunes and then check/select what I want each time?


    Thanks for the help.

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    To uncheck/check more than one song on a list at once, select multiple songs on the list; right-click on the selection and select Uncheck Selection or Check Selection.


    NOTE:  You can select all songs on a list by clicking on any item on the list, then


    iTunes menu bar -> Edit -> Select All

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    I can't believe I forgot that!  The third sync is approx 13 hours in and is about 33%.  I don't know why it's taking so long but appears to be working.  My computer is only a year old so it shouldn't be that.

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    Hope it works, but it should not take that long.  Since the Genius at the Apple Store also identified some issues, using the store's computer and docking cable, it is likely that your iPod's hard drive is becoming unreliable. 


    If the current sync fails, here's one thing you can try.  Put the iPod into Disk Mode




    Using Windows, with iTunes NOT running, reformat the iPod's disk.  If a "quick" format option is presented, do NOT use it.  Do a "full" format.  Use FAT as the format type. 


    It is possible that formatting will fail (for the same reason syncing takes so long), but if it succeeds, take the iPod out of Disk Mode and run iTunes.  iTunes may say something about "recovery" and prompt you to do a Restore.  If it does not, you still need to do a Restore, because the iPod does not have any of its software.  After doing a Restore, try syncing again to see if there is any improvement.

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    I just tried synching my iPod Classic after having moved some songs around within playlists on iTunes and added two new playlists, all on my computer. I attached my iPod Classic and hit sync. Within a second it told me it was finished syncing, but when looking at my iPod there is now nothing there!  All of the music has vanished, however, the music in iTunes on my computer is still there. After reading the above conversations I restored my iPod and went through the steps to sync a new iPod. Again, it took only a second to tell me that it was finished and again there is nothing on my iPod.


    This is an old iPod that we only use on a set of speakers in the house, but it is easier than using my iPhone. Please help me get my music back on the iPod.


    Thanks, Sz