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I have three mail accounts at Gmail. Two of them are private accounts like john.doe@gmail.com, while the third one is a company account with a custom domain using Google Apps as a mail provider (the address is like johndoe@example.com).


I configured Mail.app to connect to Gmail through IMAP for each of the three accounts.


I have installed Mavericks right after it became available and even a lot of people reported problems with Mail.app, I had no issues at all. Everything was working just fine.


Today I have installed the update for Mail.app and iTunes...etc, and I am experiencing problems with my emials.


The private accounts still working fine, but my company account has problems. The symptoms are:

- Neither inbox or subfolders or sent mails (labels in Gmail) does not sync read messages with Gmail, I only get the new messages automatically

- All Mail folder shows all of my old emails, so it syncs perfectly

- Smart mailboxes show the messages correctly, but they "find" the corresponding messages in All Mails folder instead of Inbox

- If I set a message to unread in Gmail in a browser window, then the message appears in Mail.app

- If I click a message (open) in Gmail in a browser window, then the message appears in Mail.app


Very strange behaviour and I have no clue how to fix it. I have tried to rebuild the account and also to remove and to re-add the account. Nothing helps, I am experiencing the same problems.


As I said, the other, private accounts are just working fine...


Any idea?


I have got a MBP with retina display, 16Gb RAM bought early this year.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9)