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Hi there.


I am trying my best to assist my nextdoor neighbour set up his AirPort Extreme wi-fi router to work with his new fibre-optic broadband supplier, which is a UK telecoms company called TalkTalk.


When the fibre optic service was installed in his house the other day, through a British Telecom Openreach modem, I assumed that we could just plug the Ethernet cable from that into his AEBS using his old settings. (He hasn't changed companies, just upgraded to a fibre-optic service with the same company.)


Of course, things are never that simple... Basically it wouldn't work, and TalkTalk are less than helpful. ("We provide you with a router, we will only support that router.")


I've done some research on TalkTalk discussion groups, and the best advice I can find is a post which seems at first to provide all the answers, but unfortunately relates to an earlier version of AirPort Utility than that which is on both our Macs.


I copy the post below verbatim. Can anybody with knowledge of the difference between the different versions of AirPort Utility possibly assist in translating the instructions in the post into useable instructions for AU version 6.3.2 please...?  [I fell at fence '6 - Select 'Ethernet'.]



1 - On your Mac go to Applications > Utility > Airport Utility and launch it

2 - Highlight your Airport Extreme (or Time Capsule/Express)

3 - Now go to Manual Setup and wait while the information is gathered

4 - By default you go to Airport and Summary click on the Internet icon at the top

5 - Internet Connection is the first item

6 - Under Connect using: select 'Ethernet'

7 - Under Connection Sharing: select 'Share a public IP address'

8 - Now click on TCP/IP

9 - First off 'Configure IPv4 select 'Using DHCP' *You may also wish to enter the DNS server(s) using something other than the default like OpenDNS. Enter them here

10 - Now go to the next heading 'DHCP' and click on it

11 - First is DHCP Beginning Address: select your choice. Most choose 192.168.X.X (My preference is

12 - Now go to DHCP Ending Address: and enter your choice. Mine is

13 - DHCP Lease I choose 1 day

14 - If you have any IP reservations enter them now

15 - Next is the 'NAT' Heading: Here you can Configure Port Mappings. Call it Port Forwarding if you like, most other manufacturers do!

16 - Now click on UPDATE at the bottom



The Extreme or Time Capsule will reboot with your new settings and if you are plugged into the Openreach modem you will be connected to the internet using the Airport Extreme. Don't worry if the IP Address shows a curious number 169 etc, this is normal and will change when the Airport and modem have 'settled down'. I thought this was a problem initially, but closing the Airport Utility and opening it again showed that the Airport Summary page had;

Connected Using: Ethernet

IP Address: had changed from the 169 number to 2.103.xxx.xx my IP address.


I'd like to thank Anthony in the Northern Ireland Talktalk Fibre Help Centre for putting me onto the right track though nobody there knows anything about Macs!

If they read this please use it as a template!

Talktalk differs from BT Infinity in that BT use PPPoE with a user name and Talktalk use Ethernet, a Service called TR069_INTERNET amd connection called ROUTE and no user name is needed which is compatible with the Airport Extreme units.


Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
  • Steve Zodiac Level 1 (10 points)

    Okay, well that evoked a lot of help, didn't it...


    Right. Well, I managed to solve the problem for my neighbour myself in the end, and I applied the following settings on his AEBS using AirPort Utility version 6.3.2.


    1. Under the 'Internet' tab, from the tree options provided for 'Connect Using:', choose 'DHCP'
    2. In the highlighted box now showing under that called 'DNS Servers:' type in ''
    3. Click the 'OK' or 'Update' button to apply the changes.


    And that's it! The light on the AEBS should change from flashing amber to steady green.


    I post this solution for the benefit of any other TalkTalk fibre broadband customers out there who may have the same problem.

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    Hey Zodiac,


    Well done for cracking this – AND for bothering to upload the solution once you did. It certainly helped me, and I can now bypass the stinky TalkTalk router and its conflicting (with recent Apple updates) software. All very smooth and it's like a dream after three weeks of lost emails and time-outs on all sort of network traffic.


    Thank you!


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    Hi all,


    I've just had TalkTalk fibre broadband installed today & utilised Airport utility 6 to set-up my Time Capsule to work with the provided Openreach ECI modem while the engineer was around.


    Selected 'DHCP' as described above & rebooted TC & it connected via Openreach modem 1st time.


    Though - for reference - I kept my original DNS settings (via Open DNS) & all is functioning fine.

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    Didn't you have to enter any PPPoE connection details? I'm with Plus Net and trying to run a server (Mavericks) like so: Internet >> Openreach Fibre Modem >> Airport Extreme >> iMac Server


    I have a static IP address, but can't see how to connect to fibre without using PPPoE, which then means I lose all the functions of the Airport Extreme that I bought it for! Hmm.


    Would appreciate any pointers.

  • Steve Zodiac Level 1 (10 points)

    Firstly, the solution I posted was really TalkTalk-specific. I have no knowledge or experience of setting up an AEBS for Plus Net.


    But, hey, why not give it a try? Just choose the DHCP option under the 'Connect using' tab in AirPort Utility instead of the PPPoE one. (That answers your question about PPPoE, doesn't it.)


    And if it doesn't work, what have you lost? Nuffin!

  • Kurt Trew Level 1 (40 points)

    Ha! I'll give it a go when I get home from work tonight


    Thanks very much Steve. I'll let you know later on.

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    For those of you, like me, that are planning to replace the useless Huawei Router supplied by TalkTalk (for use with Openreach Fibre Broadband) with an Airport Extreme, this may be of help.

    I read the posts with interest in preparation for the set up. I'm certainly no expert on this stuff, so I wanted to be prepared.

    For information, I am running OS X 10.9.1 and Airport Utility 6.3.2.

    I also checked my DNS Server Settings from my old router before I unplugged it, which were set at Primary and Secondary, both of which I confirmed are TalkTalk Servers.

    Today I recieved my new AEBS and simply plugged it in and opened the Airport Utility.

    I followed the guided set up which required me to enter my TalkTalk Username and Password. Fortunately I still had these from my initial set up many years ago.

    Upon completion of the set up, as I expected, the AEBS failed to connect to the internet.

    I then went back into the set up and changed the setting for "connect using" from PPPoE to DHCP (thanks to those who posted this info).

    I had a hunch that I needn't do anything else, so I just saved the setting without inputting DNS settings, or changing anything else.

    Low and behold, within seconds the green light came on! It really was that easy.

    I checked DNS settings and they replicated what I had on my old router.

    So if your fortunate enough to have your Username and Password from TalkTalk, then you should be quids in.

    If not, I guess you can follow the initial post and enter the DNS settings manually, using either the TalkTalk Servers or the ones suggested if you prefer.

    I hope this helps you if you're planning the switch, because you ain't likely to get any help from TalkTalk in my experience!

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    Thank you for taking the time to post your solution. I'm having the same trouble and google brought me here. So thanks I appreciate your efforts.

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    TalkTalk (via BT) fitted an ECI B-FOCuS V-2FUb/I Rev.B modem for my fibre connection.


    This modem uses PPPoE; it does not run a DHCP service.  In this case, if you attempt to connect using DHCP, the Airport Extreme will not receive an IP address; it will use a locally-assigned 169.* IP address and report that there's no internet connection.  It would help if the AE reported that it didn't receive a response for the DHCP request, but no such luck; the 169.* address is your hint that something is not quite right.


    Try to connect using PPPoE.  If you get an error message ("Could not contact PPPoE server" I think), then enter something (anything) in the 'Account Name' and 'Password' fields - do not leave them blank.


    Hope that this helps someone - cheers

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    Came here with the same problem as Steve but this was the solution for me!


    Thanks Phil. I just wish I'd seen this an hour earlier.

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    I use an Airport Extreme and a BT Openreach fibre modem. After spending nearly two hours trying, unsuccessfully, to connect to my new TalkTalk line last night by adjusting the PPPoE settings and then then by trying to use the TalkTalk router on bridge mode, I saw this. I followed the instructions and a minute later was connected to the Internet at full fibre optic speed. Thank you very much.

  • Steve Zodiac Level 1 (10 points)

    You're very welcome.


    It's great to know that I'm still helping people nearly two years since I sorted out my neighbour's problem.


    It's less great to know that TalkTalk are apparently still not providing decent support for Apple Airport users... It's not as if Apple is a little independent manufacturer that hardly anyone uses, is it?

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    Hi everyone,


    I tried to follow this thread but got a bit lost.


    I have a Huawei HG635 "Super" router on TalkTalk Fibre medium.


    I'm sick of this awful router and how poorly it works with my entirely Mac household.


    I'm ready to take the plunge on an Airport Extreme Base Station (latest 6th generation) for a more reliable wireless connection/


    2 questions


    1) Will I be able to make this work

    2) How?! I beleive this is where use in bridge mode comes into it.


    Or should I buy the airport extreme AND a simple router that will work on TT Fibre.


    When my connection works its fine, but often the devices won't connect, so I have to restart the router. In my house I have several iPhones, MacBook Air, 2x iMacs (connected wirelessly), 1x iPad, and Apple TV connected via ethernet (which even itself occassional drops out but this is much rarer)


    Thanks in advance, Chipstix

  • Chipstix Level 1 (0 points)



    I think I'm going to take the plunge on one of these.


    Even with an Airport Extreme, I'd still have to use that Huawei POS....