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    Well markras, that is not encouraging. I just made the switch after 30+ years with CP/M, then MS.  Let's hope these are corrected.


    Since I had only had this a few weeks and all was wonderful until Mavericks, I have to think it is the cuprit.


    Could someone offer or point me to a primer on "default install" mentioned above?  Do some of you other Mac pros agree this may help? 

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    Ok kids.  So.  I've done quite a bit of research and much trouble shooting.  Thanks for all of you who tried to help.  It appears that the ball is now in Apple's court and let's hope they shoot because all of us are tired of waiting for a fix.  To date I've had a few more bugs pop up that I thought I would share here in case anyone else wants to weigh in. Here's a recap of all my lovely little bugs...


    My IMAC

    Finder is abysmally slow

    The beach ball seems to pop up everywhere--especially with Finder and OFC for Mac.  Productivity on my IMAC is practically at a stand still.

    Two finger click stopped working

    Two finger scroll stopped working (not at the same time as the click)

    Both of those were restored with a restart. Whew!


    Google chrome keeps crashing - it appears that Google Helper and Google Pepperflash regularly stop responding.


    My Macbook Air

    My voolume buttons and brightness buttons on the keyboard quit working - they have not been fixed - it's happening to a lot of people but no one has a fix yet.  Restart doesn't seem to work.


    I encourage everyone to report any bugs to apple and as many times as you are willing to make an impression! Here is the link:

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    Thank you, feedback submitted.  Hope for solutions!

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    Curious where you are with this issue a few months later. One of the things I've noticed is some systems are just not happy with Mavericks as an upgrade and behave much better with it as a clean install (cleaning out all the gunk from previous operating systems.)


    Personally, I have not noticed the same random sluggishness and slowdowns in Mavericks installs in a few weeks now (fixed in an update?).

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    Hello.  Great question.  I downloaded updates just the other day that finally seemed to speed up my finder on my IMAC.  I was thrilled.  Then sadly, after installing the same set of updates on my macbook, finder began acting sluggish on it (which was not the case previoulsy).  I seem to be damned if I do and damned if I don't! It's very frustrating. 

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    When I used the word 'update' in my comment I specifically meant an updated Mavericks install, not running current updates.


    Just saying it's been my experience not to have ANY recent machines experience any slowdown with a clean install of Mavericks as I did notice when 10.9 first came out.


    This being said, you may try backing up your machine, installing Mavericks clean with the latest installer, then migrating your user folder in (or manually copying in your data).

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    I fixed the problem by quitting (uninstalling) Cinch. Try yourself.

    Finder used to take 50% of the CPU after a click on the desktop.

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    I have the same issue, the finder become unresponsive all the time, when I tried to quick review something (picture, video, text files...etc).


    After check the crash report by /Applications/Utilities/, I found the process cause the pain is QuickLookUIHelper:


    Sandbox creation failed: Could not obtain real path to the container root (~/Library/Containers/ The operation couldn’t be completed. No such file or directory


    So I create a folder called "Data" under  "~/Library/Containers/" , then the problem solved !


    Hope this help you guys!

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