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I've heard it's possible to make a discography page in an iBook and I'd like to know how.


I'm making a book about a music group and want to have a page with thumbnails of all their album that you can tap to purchase in iTunes.


Any resources I can check out would be greatly appreciated. 





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    I have tried to use images as links - and so far failed.


    The only way I can  use a thumb as a link.. is to add text.


    The  first image below.... shows two ways to link - the obvious being a text link to the  store and the the album info from the link maker. The other is as you see on the second image - insert a thumb.

    Open a square from shapes ( or whatever will suits your thumb)

    Open a text box,  type a word or letter or letters.

    I used  a letter, place cursor to its left and hit TAB that creates the  space you see in the inner box... that is your link area.  Select  the  letter, use the Insert hyperlink option having collected an album link from Apples Link Maker, use the text only link and paste that  to overwrite the apple.com in the web hyperlink  box found in the Inspector second from the right icon.

    Select  the  coloured shape and reduce its opacity to "0".  (Top menu bar)


    In the second image, you can see the shape is still selected and compare the link active area box above with the size of the  thumb.


    It a workaround which is fiddly and life would be easier if Apple engineered in a facility to allow images ro be selected as links.





    I also have to  give credit to an OP who offered a similar workaround.. I cut a few corners!


    The link maker -- https://linkmaker.itunes.apple.com/us/


    The  easy way if its suitable is in image 2 .. a thumb, some blurb and  a text link.


    Sorry I have no better solution.

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    this was very helpful.  Thank you!



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    It was months ago since I used this.... on reflection...the shape is not needed as the link is in the the text box.

    You can add a fill to the text box to help locating it.  Then zero opacity when its ok.