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My idea is generally to restore my OS X, and with it, to reinstall boot camp.


The first thing that i'm going to do is to remove boot camp partition, then to recover the os x.


My question is:


Will I have problems with Windows 7 activation, since I have the OEM, not a PACK version?


Are there any other obstacles that I will have to go through?


I have early 2013 rMPB, and OS X Maverics.



MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    You shouldn't have any problem, always that you got a System Builder version and not the version of a specific OEM. If you can't activate Windows through the Internet, activate Windows by calling Microsoft > http://support.microsoft.com/kb/950929/en-us


    You won'y have any other problem. Moreover, I don't think you have to remove the Boot Camp partition, as you can erase your OS X partition and reinstall it without erasing the Boot Camp partition

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    Hi, I have a similar problem but seems like a mirror image of what you had:


    I have been using windows on boot camp and have just shifted to OS. getting better at it, but Excel is a huge problem with the keyboard shortcut keys!


    I changed around the disk partitions using disk utility to free up and utilize some unused space as the computer was getting slow.


    Now I need to get back into windows but the boot camp assistant is not giving me the option to restart using the C: drive. I have data saved on windows that i want to transfer over. Any suggestions please? thanks.

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    Does Command+R work?

    Please post the output of the following commands from OSX Terminal, if possible.

    diskutil list

    diskutil cs list

    sudo gpt -vv -r show /dev/disk0

    sudo fdisk /dev/disk0


    Enter you password when prompted.