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I use a Canon 50D and Aperture and an iPhone5S -- I have all set to Central time zone...but was just in Portugal.  I imported the images from the cards used in the Canon50D and did the change of time just fine [fromAmerican Central to Europe Lisbon] = then I imported and named the iPhone images - but on reviewing the actual images they are off on time == but I am having trouble figuring out how to batch change the images


For instance the iPhone images on import all say 10/29/13  9:10:48 PM CDT  or some such as appropriate


I did a test batch change of images and they ended up as  10/30/13  6:53:46 PM GMT + 00.00  etc


The problem is that I can tell from the content of the images that the time is off = but it's hard for me to figure out how to properly adjust the time == after all, when I have the iPhone with me in Portugal and wifi is working, the time and date are correct and adjust themselves [I have the phone set to pick up the time from the zone I am in]


Any suggestions??

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    Any suggestions??


    How did you try to correct the time, Victoria? Don't use "Metadata > Adjust date and time" (unless you already used it - then you need to revert that change), but use "Metadata > Batch change > Adjust Time Zone". The problem is, that when image files do not contain a Time Zone stamp, Aperture will by default use the current system time your mac is set to as the time zone of the images on import. Usually you will set the "Camera Time" and "Actual Time" in the Import panel, to tell Aperzur ethe correct time zones. Only that is not possible, if you are importing images taken in several time zones at the same time.


    You cannot batch change all the time zones of all images at once, if the camera time zones differ - it is really a bit involved. I had similar problems with my camera and iPad, when we were travelling in Aslaska and Canada this summer and were frequently changing the Time Zones - sometimes two times a day. The iPad with automatic time zone setting was very problemitic, because I never could be sure of the time zone on the iPad - if there was no Wi-F,i it would use Canadian Time on Alaska ictures and vica versa.


    • Separate your photos into albums with images that you are sure have been taken with the same camera (iPhone, Canon) and with the same time zone setting in the camera.
    • Then, e.g., select the album with all photos taken on the iPhone, with the Time Zone set on the iPhone to "Portugal" and use Metadata > Batch change > Adjust Time Zone" with the setting "Camera Time is Portugal" (since your camera was set to Portugal, when the photos have been taken)

    Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 07.05.58GMT+1.PNG


    To prevent this kind of problem, I always keep all camera times set to UTC. This way I always exactly know the time the camera was set set, when I import the image and do not have to remember to change the time when travelling. Only, that is not feasable with iPhone and iPad. If you want to use your iPhone as a clock and not only as a camera, it is impractical to have it set to UTC.

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    I used the Batch Change keystroke - I went thru the pics with my husband last night and could see every now and then some pictures were out of sync....I took most pics with 50D but every now and then, to record the GPS location I shot with my iPhone...for some reason those pics sometimes line up and sometimes just are plunked down.


    I did create an album for the iPhone pics [imported them with that name] and adjusted the time to PT/Lisbon...still some are off kilter.  The iPhone was on Lisbon time throughout once we got there.  The 50D was on Iowa time [CDT/CST] throughout.


    Thanks for the explanation = I may just have to do some edits one by one with the items I remember being shot at the same time...Not sure what else to do.

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    I have been confounded by Aperture's handling of time and timezone for years. It was only after my recent trip to Portugal (coincidence!) that I figured out the solution.


    See if this post helps: Fixing photo time and timezone in Aperture

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    Thanks for the info = I'll test it out and assume it'll deal with the issue = my usual habit is just to keep the camera in my present timezone [Central US] and then do the adjustment after I return = though that's still an issue with the iPhone, but that's less an issue because I tend to take pics with the camera, not iPhone...appreciate the link

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    Unless you have disabled it (iirc), the iPhone always changes (or attempts to change) to the time zone it thinks it's in based on the GPS lat/long it receives.  So unlike your cameras (which do not auto-adjust for position on the globe), you _don't_ change the time stamp for pictures taken with your iPhone.


    Léonie's recommendation is excellent — keep your cameras at UTC — but cannot be implemented (as she says) on an iPhone.  (Which, I can confirm, creates a _mess_ when crossing time-zones in areas with inconsistent GPS/WiFi coverage.)  Fwiw, I travel little enough that rather than keep my cameras at UTC I keep mine to my UTC offset.  The "best practices" I attempt to use are:

    — _never change the time zone of the camera_

    — sync the time-stamp of cameras before traveling

    — batch change the time zone of non-iPhone Images after importing

    — import by Project, keep one Project=one shoot, batch change by Project

    — _only when determined to be needed_ change the time zone of a picture taken with an iPhone


    When I have totally made a mess of things, I find the only way out is to assign a single time zone to all the Images (keeping the time stamp), adjust the date as needed, then correct to whatever time zone is correct, and then adjust the times (usually by hour) to put the images right.  It is very helpful to import files into Aperture before you change time zones (your computer also automatically changes) whenever you can, and as consistently as you can.  The current Aperture behavior (for non-iDevices) is not a bug as long as you import your files in the same time zone you took them (which probably covers well over 99% of the pictures imported worldwide), but is a bug when you don't.




    Kirby — now totally confused by the time-stamps in the forum  .