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recently my 4th gen touch started having problems.....the first problem is that it randomly turns off, which is extremely annoying when i am out running or working out. And the second problem is that the battery indicator is going haywire, when i plug it in to charge, it was maybe about 20% in the beginning of the charge, when i come back to check 10mins later~it becomes full. or even worse sometimes, because these two problems would happen simultaneously...while charging at aprx 60% it would shut off and goes into "offline-charging" mode and it would become full or suddenly empty.. ahh too much to explain you guys get my point right? anyone care to help me out?

iPod touch, iOS 6.1.3
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    I would first do a Restart




    If that does not make the problem go away, do a Restore




    The Restore will erase the iPod, reinstall its software, and set it to default settings.


    It's possible that the charging issue is separate from the turning off issue.  As a test, you should shut down (power off) your computer and disconnect all USB devices including hub, except for keyboard and mouse (if normally used).  If your computer is a laptop, connect its power adapter (so that it's not running on battery power).


    Start up the computer, run iTunes, and connect the iPod to direct USB port on the computer.  This is to rule out USB device conflict and lack of available power on the USB bus.  See if charging is more reliable, with only the iPod connected.


    You should also rule out a fautly (or unreliable) USB cable.  If possible, try a different USB docking cable.


    The final possiblity is a hardware problem, related to the battery or charging.

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    I think its hardware problem within the the ipod itself.. cos i bought new cable.. and ive done the factory restore and everything on the software side. i guess its just getting old. after all i did use it for 3 yrs on a daily basis. oh well.. i guess i got a excuse to upgrade