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I upgraded to the new Numbers program (Numbers v3) and discovered it had been stupefied, so I went back to Numbers '09. I want all .numbers files to open with Numbers '09, however when I change the Open with program on the inspector to Numbers 09, it sets it back to Numbers v3. So I uninstalled Numbers v3, which solved the problem, but now I get prompted every day to install the new version. I'd like to have both versions installed and usable in order to use the iCloud benefits of Numbers v3, but can't get this to work. Any ideas?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 6.1.4, 13" Late 2012
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    I've gotten the update notice here too, but not all the time, and I've got Version installed and not hidden. No idea how to suppress it. I'd love to hear a solution too.



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    This is what works for me. After I installed the new iWork updates I created a folder on an external drive & named it "other applications." I then moved the new iWork apps to this folder & renamed the applications Keynote 6, Pages 5 & Numbers 3. I have icons for two versions of Pages & Numbers (I rarely use Keynote) in my Dock. Even with two versions of Pages & Numbers running, double-clicking an existing file opens in Pages 4.3 or Numbers 2.3. This should also keep the Mac App Store from nagging you to update.



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    What worked for me was finding the old version of the app and tacking an "09" onto its name.  I do not know if this will cause any problems if there are future updates to the old version but it did solve the problem OSX was having with setting the default app for opening my files.

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    Mac OS X

    Yes, renaming the old version works for me too. It's particularly important to rename the old version if you are doing any GUI AppleScripting with Numbers 3.0 such as the Insert Date workaround.



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    Not sure whether Apple fixed something or I did. But here's the story.

    I upgraded to Numbers 3 as part of the migration to Mavericks.

    I found that Numbers 09 was still installed and it worked fine.

    I renamed Numbers 09 to "Numbers 09" and renames Numbers v3 to "Numbers v3"

    That caused no issue by itself.

    However, I could not change the default for opening .numbers to Numbers 09. It always went back to Numbers v3.

    I uninstalled Numbers v3 by dragging the app to the trash and emptying trash.

    Then I got bugged to reinstall Numbers, which I ignored.

    After a couple of days I was greeting with the notice that a new version of Numbers is installed.

    However, the .numbers files are opening with Numbers 09.

    I'm afraid to run Numbers v3 for fear it will reset the default program, but at least I can ignore it for a while.


    Thanks to all!