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Running mavericks on a newish air. The backup completes fine to a networked NAS, no problem really except I am noticing they are huge.


Last time I had this issue was last year with dropbox, i.e. everytime even a single file changed in dropbox, timemachine would back up the whole lot.


So I always make a habit of excluding dropbox as I have done here.


So this air is used for surfing, email not a lot else. And the last three back ups have been 19gig, 19gig, 12gig and 5.7gig


Why so large, when I am doing so little?

  • William Boyd, Jr. Level 6 Level 6

    Gary i wrote:


    Running mavericks on a newish air. The backup completes fine to a networked NAS, no problem really except I am noticing they are huge.

    WIndows emulators (Vmware Fusion, Parallels Desktop) and certain games have been known to cause large backups.  See this Web page for more help.

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    Time Machine does not work well with NAS devices, even those that indicate Time Machine compatibility. An NAS may appear to work, only to find that your backups are corrupted when needed. Such complaints are very common on this site. It is best to use a Time Machine configuration suppored by Apple, since there is no guarantee a future OS X update or upgrade will result in corrupting your NAS backups.


    You may find that TM is performing excessively large backups without justification. To fix that read the following:

    Turn off Time Machine in Time Machine's Preferences. Eject and disconnect the backup disk, if it is locally connected (not a Time Capsule).


    Select the following line (triple-click to select the entire line), then control-click, and from the contextual menu that appears, select Services > Reveal in Finder:


    Drag the selected file directly to the Trash. You will need to authenticate.


    This procedure will not delete your existing backups any differently than Time Machine would normally perform that task.


    Reconnect your backup device, then from Time Machine's Preferences, turn on Time Machine, select your backup device, then select Back Up Now from the Time Machine icon. TM will remain in "Preparing Backup..." for a long time. When it eventually begins backing up, you may notice that the "backing up xxx of yyy" numbers will appear to change unpredictably. That's normal, and TM activity will return to normal after the initial backup of the Mavericks installation.

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    The sam problem here. Large 6GB backups, no windows installation ... tried trashing .plist + fresh backup.


    After two days same problem.


    Did fresh Mavericks instalation with new SSD ... after two days again 6 GB TM backups?


    Any other advice please? I have late 2008 iMac 24".

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