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Hello !


For a long time i've been searching on Google how to plug a microphone into an iPad, but i did not find a satisfying solution, so here i am !


Here is the problem :


I have the Ipad Retina, and i would like to record videos, using the Ipad's Camera for the video, but using an external micro for the audio.


The problem is that when i plug my microphone in the Ipad's Jack connector, and record a video, it does not work, because i'm pretty sure the iPad thinks that it's earphones that are connected, not a microphone ^^


So i've been searching over the web and i bought this little adaptor :


Which is a basic 3.5mm jack female -> male but for " Iphone / Ipad " ...


But it still not working !


Here is on the left, the cable of my microphone, and on the right, the adapter.

I plug the cable of my microphone into the adapter, and then plug in it to the iPad




But Still nothing ...


Do you have any solution for me ?


And please, do not tell me to buy one of this 50$ piece of plastic cable that " are apple product compatible ", i'm pretty sure there is a way to get this thing to simply.. work..


Thanks for your support !

iPad, iOS 7.0.3