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Why do my 'tab' key and shortcuts not work properly in Mavericks?

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    I'm guessing you may be referring to your browswer, however you are not forth coming about what browser you are referrring to. Check to see if Spotlight is still indexing your HD and if still is then let it finish. You can easily check by reading




    Remember we are end users like yourself so you need to provide useful information because we cannot see what you do.

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    Thanks for the reply.  End users are alkmsot always more helpful than the professionals.  I apologize for not specifiying...I just made the assumption that it is clear that the failures are in all apllications.  I use Pages and numbers a lot, so I make up shortuts for long and repetive phrases in Pages, for my email address, for Safari searches and so on that used to work in all applications. 


    Mavericks has reassigned my previous shortcuts.  That's fine. I don't mind because the new assignments are improvements for all users in general.  What is frustrating me is that: Apple > System Preferences > keyboard > shortcuts will let me go through the motions of setting up new shortcuts but when I try to use them in Pages or Safari there is no response



    Re tab key:  within a table in Pages, pressing the tab key does not advance from the cell just finished.  By pressing the shift plus tab (tab backwards) the cursor will go to the previous cell and then tab twice will bring you to the cell folowing the one just finished.


    I have been trying to work with Mavericks for two weeks, many hours working on this,  and all the help files have not changed one iota from Mountain Lion.


    I am still hoping to find the fix, or alternatively, a help file that is focused on Maveicks as distinct from OS X in general.



    iMac (purchased mid 2010) (Loved it ever since)

    OS X 10.9

    Safari 7.0

    Pages 5.0

    All installs up-to-date

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    I have carried out the process you recommended and that has solved the 'tab' problem; however,  the shortcuts problem persists.



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    OK glad the tabs issue is OK now. On your shortcuts please be specific which app  you are referring to. It's better to focus on one app at a time.

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    I really miss the tab key moving to the next cell.  Can you please tell me what your fix was?  Thanks