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I'm having the 4310 error where I can't burn a disc. It seems, from looking at this site and others, that hundreds or thousands of people are having this problem.  Why hasn't this been fixed through an update?  Every time they tell me there is an update to iTunes, I try again, but it still won't let me burn discs.  Once I tried to uninstall iTunes and then re-install it to see if that would change things, but all it did was make it so my computer couldn't read discs at all or even recognize they were there.  I found a fix to that somewhere, and all it got me was back to the 4310 error.  It's been months since I discovered this on my computer, and it seems that lots and lots of people are having it.  How has Apple not fixed this? 


This is kind of beside the point, but it's also extremely obnoxious that I can't email someone about this.  It will only let me contact support for this issue over the phone.  I've found that email support is so much easier.  It's just easier to read written instructions, if there's something that I can actually solve.  I also find that with phone support, I can often barely hear the person and half the time I'm not really sure what they are talking about.  I know that makes me sound old, but I'm not even thirty. 

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    Hello there, Jecht342.


    The following Knowledge Base article provides a thorough troubleshooting process for cd burning errors in iTunes for Windows:


    iTunes for Windows: Additional troubleshooting tips for burning issues



    Start here, and working through the entire document:


    If after following the instructions in this document you still can't read or burn discs, try the following:

    Try other software

    • Open a different music player, such as Windows Media Player, and test if it can play a CD you've burned.
    • Open the CD burning software that came with your computer or disc drive, and test to see if it can burn a CD.

    If you're not able to read or burn discs using other software, there may be a more general issue with your computer or the drive. You should probably contact your computer or drive manufacturer for help. In the mean time, try the tips below.

    Use good blank discs

    Some brands of blank discs may work better with your drive than others. Check the disc manufacturer's website for the brand of blank discs you are using. Many brands post lists of drives that have issues burning to their discs. They may also publish tips on how to troubleshoot burning issues.

    You can use the chart below as a general guideline to assess what types of CD-R media are compatible with different drive types.

    Drive Type

    Drive Type Logo

    CD-RW Speed Range

    Media Type Supported

    Multi Speed Drive


    1x ~ 4x

    Multi Speed CD-RW media
    High Speed Drive


    4x ~ 16x

    Multi Speed CD-RW media
    High Speed CD-RW media
    Ultra Speed Drive


    16x ~ 24x

    Multi Speed CD-RW media
    High Speed CD-RW media
    Ultra Speed CD-RW media



    If need be you can also re install iTunes, and Apple has another article that will walk you through that. For Windows 8: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923


    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.