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Now getting Error: Live file system repair is not supported"  This is on an external drive Western Digital 2TB WDC Ears drive, split into three - the other two parts can be verified.  Any help appreciaited.


The problem came to light as my Carbon Clone can't copy it, so I decided to check out the disks...


Thank you

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    test the external drive on another computer to verify if your external drive is defect it's pretty common that they die sooner or later

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    You are not having errors on your Mac's internal drive but on an external. All hard drive fail, eventually. Even worse with Western Digital drives as it seems WD uses lousy electronics in their external drives. I can't count how many WD externals have failed on me only to find out once I took the drive out of the WD enclosure and connected it to my Mac with a SATA/IDE to USB adapter the physical drive itself was fine.


    I suggest you get one of these SATA to USB adapters and remove the drive from the WD enclosure and test it.

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    Firstly I don't have a second computer on which to try this - I have an iPad but that isn't much good....for doing that I mean.


    Secondly, the drive isn't dead....I can read it and open documents without problems.... but I cannot seem to use disc utilities to verify it ....



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    Please post a screen shot of both a Finder window with that drive selected and a Disk Utility window with the drive selected and the partition tab selected so we can all see what both look like.


    How is the drive formatted, that will show up in the disk utility window.

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    Well I have to say, I have tried it again today, and disk utility is saying it is OK. I was doing it to do the screen shots for you LowLuster.


    So whatever it was, has disappeared, and it was having a bad computer day.... but to all of you thank you, So perhaps LowLuster should get the solved my question, as coming back the next day...worked.


    Cheers all, and thank you for your time in responding.... computers are nothing but odd, and sometimes perhaps a sleep is what they need!