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Hello everyone:


   I am using an older Sony DCR-DVD203 video camera that records to an 8 cm mini DVD disc. I have version 9.0.9 of iMovie.  Using the USB cable supplied with the cam, when I connect to my computer with iMovie open it auotmatically imports the movies, so long as I have recorded on a DVD-R disc (finalized).  However when I use a DVD-RW disc (VR format), even though finalized, I can not get it to import.  The mini DVD shows up on my desktop, and the contents are:   


     folder:  DVD_RTAV

        files:     VR_MANGR.BUP


                    VR_MOVIE.VRO - (This file plays on VLC)


   I am trying to figure out how to convert the contects of the DVD-RW mini disc so that I can get it into iMovie.  I've found a number of messages from the 2006-07 time frame suggesting use of various programs to accomplish this.  These include:


   QuickTime Pro


    Image Mixer


    MPEG Streamclip




However, since this information is now quite old, I am wondering what might be more current on converting so that I can import into my latest iMove.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.  Thanks - Randy



   - Randy

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