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I'm rather novice here, and having encountered so few Apple issues, I am baffled. I received an old Airport Express as a gift (model a1088) and it is working fine with my iphone, but the network is not found by my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I've tried downloading Airport Utility 5.6.1 as recommended everywhere, but to no avail, it picks up nothing. I was able to reconfigure/setup the AE using ethernet cable so I'm not sure if even need Airport Utility to pick it up.


I can't find anything online to deal with this problem, but it seems absurd that my iphone should pick it up great but my MBP can't tell it exists. Please help!

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8), Airport Express not working with MB
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    I am assuming that your MacBook Pro (MBP) does not have any issues finding other Wi-Fi networks, just not the one provided by this 802.11g AirPort Express base station ... correct?


    By default, in its factory configuration, the Express will broadcast an unsecured wireless network with a network name of something like: Apple Network NNNNNN. You stated that your iPhone can find and connect to this network, but the MBP can do neither ... correct?


    If so, please try the following on the MBP to hopefully resolve the problem:



    1a. Delete Preferred Network(s)

    • System Preferences > Network > AirPort > Advanced > AirPort tab
    • Under "Preferred Networks," delete the network(s) you regularly use from the list.


    1b. Delete AirPort Keychain Entries

    • Launch the "Keychain Access" application located in Applications/Utilties.
    • Click on the "Kind" filter at the top, and look for any "AirPort network password" entries...and delete them.


    1c. Add Preferred Network(s)

    • System Preferences > Network > AirPort > Advanced > AirPort tab
    • Add the preferred network(s) using the "+" button.
    • Restart or log out then back in.


    2. Move System Configuration Files

    (Note: You will have to reestablish your network connections settings.)

    • Go to /Library/Preferences
    • Move the SystemConfiguration folder to the desktop.
    • Restart your Mac. (Note: OS X will rebuild the files that are now sitting on your desktop. If this doesn't resolve the issue, you can move the folder back to it's original location.)
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    To answer your question, yes there is no problem picking up any other network.


    None of the 3 suggestions had any effect, I'm afraid. Other ideas?

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    If you use the Join Other Network... option from the OS X AirPort icon menu and enter the appropriate network name and wireless password, can the MBP connect this way?

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    Unfortunately no luck with that either, I tried every single type-option for networks and nothing

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    Sorry, I'm not aware of any issues with the older 802.11g AirPort Express that would prevent your MBP from finding and connecting to it. Especially since it can connect with other networks. I also can't explain why your iPhone can connect but not your MBP.


    I have also assumed that you have already performed a "factory default" reset on the Express to make sure that it is back to its original factory settings and that you have tried connecting the MBP with this unsecured wireless network as well ... correct?