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Unable to open “name” because it isn't a valid Keynote document

MacBook Pro
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    Did you manage to resolve this situation? If so, how? Reeeally need some help! Thanks

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    This is usually caused by using a Keynote file saved in one version and trying to open in another version, this has been exacerbated when trying to open files in Keynote 6.

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    Keynote presentations created with the latest version cannot be opened on other macs with earlier versions of Keynote. This is a big nuisance as presentations are not "portable" between macs.


    I know this is usual behaviour for major software upgrades but many people are sticking with the previous version of Keynote because of all the functionality missing from the latest version. In any case, even MS Word allows us to save documents in previous versions for compatibility with other computers.

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    The other very irritating outcome of the update is that it leaves the old iWork icon in the OSX dock and this is still linked to the old versions of Keynote etc. So when I click on this Keynote I get a message that an update is available, even though it is already installed on my Mac. I could delete the previous version of Keynote but prefer to keep it until the bugs of the latest Keynote are sorted out.


    You can manually replace the old iWork by creating a folder called, say, iWork2014 then adding alias files for the latest Keynote, Numbers and Pages (option-command drag each to the new folder) and finally dragging the folder to the right-hand end of your dock.


    To get rid of the old iWork icon right click then select Options/Remove from Dock

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    You can continue to use the Keynote versions 6 and 5 on the same Mac so that users can choose which version to use so that files created in version 5 can be edited in version 5.


    Leave version 5 in the iWorks 09 folder but remove 5 from the dock to prevent version 6 opening 5 files.

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    Yep - I just don't want to choose them by accident so have deleted the old folder from the Dock. It is irritating that the latest iWork installation did not do this automatically, since the folder was put there by a previous installation.

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    Another "bug" has come to light. The new iWork apps seem to save files with iCloud flags. These extra flags are not compatible with non-OSX external drives and generate an error message/warning message when saving files to these drives. This can be very confusing for non-tech users!