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I have a bunch of 16 mm movies shot in the 1920s-1950s and I am seeking recommendations for best company for the transfer. Searching this group yielded recommendation for MyMovieTransfer.com which looks like one good option, but it appears they transfer just in 720p. I have reviewed other companies which transfer in 1080p and even some that scan in 2K and 4K. Some companies have detailed descriptions of their equipment including how they line up individual scanned frames optically as superior to mechanically lining up films and many other details. After reviewing those sites I was tending toward the 2K scan as the ultimate quality for 16 mm since I want to do this once for all time before the film deteriorates.


Any recommendations for companies or scan quality would be recommended!

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The other thing you'll run into is frame rate.  The movies were shot at 24 fps, while DVDs are 29.97 fps

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