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Is FCPro X free trial supposed to be 10.0.8?  When I use software update, nothing. I have read threads where there were "issues" with 10.0.8....  Should I be concerned? Is this the version others are "getting" as a free trial? I am on Mavericks.

OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    10.0.8 is the trial version. What issues have you read about?

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    Hi Tom, thanks... I've found various posts at Creative Cow & here that allude to 10.0.8 having issues with inlerlaced exports hense the reasons for ver. 10.0.9??  If you say that 10.0.8 is the official ver. for the free download that is good enough for me.

      On another matter, A friend is sending me Files from a 4 camera shoot of his band playing live. He lives in Germany. I am going to do a quick multicam edit for him, he wishes to provide me with a .mp3 mastered audio file to use, doesn't want me to use the cameras audio. None of the cameras were tied into the mixer.

    I have no idea what kind of cameras or the nature of the format yet.  He "thinks" they used ArriFlex.

      1.  Germany is PAL, is this going to be an issue? Any thoughts at all what else I should ask him to send as far as audio format? I have always steered clear of using .mp3.

    Take Care...

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    Convert the MP3s to AIFF or WAV at 48k.

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    mil grasi but it seems like once it has been encoded down to mp3, my simply re-wrapping it in a pretty bow won't really make it sound better - I'm thinking perhaps there is a tech savy german friend of this fellow that may know more about where the goods are.  I'll figure the PAL thing out when it gets here. Thanks for your reply.


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