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I am thinking about buying iTunes Match, but i first wanna make clear some things up...


here are my questions:


1. Will I ever have to sync my iPhone again with my computer (over WIFI or Cable) or will my iPhone automatically download the music! Or will i have to individually download the music on to my phone? Because now if I load a new CD in my iTunes i just plug my phone into my MacBook and after that all my selected playlists will be updated and ready to listen to (without any internet conection obviousely), how will this be with iTunes Match?


e.g.: I have this new cool tune that I import and put into my list "my favorite songs"! Will this song immediately be on the same list on my phone? online or offline?



2. What do I have to do if i wanna delete an album on my computer? But I mean delete it forever, also out of the cloud! how do i do this, and will these tunes also dissapear on my iPhone (like they do now as soon as I sync my iOS device with my Mac)? Will I have this music present in my cloud forever?



Thank you for your help!




Yannick B.

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    Hello Yannick B.


    Once you have enabled iTunes Match and then add music from a CD, it will automatically add those to iTunes Match for you or you can go to a drop down menu Store > Update iTunes Match to add the tracks. If you have iTunes Match enabled on your iPhone, you will see the changes rather quickly once uploaded. 


    If you want to delete music from iTunes Match, just delete the tracks and a prompt will ask if you want to delete from iCloud. That should answer those questions for you.


    iTunes Store: Subscribing to iTunes Match



    iTunes Store: How to delete songs from iCloud




    -Norm G.

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    Once you turn on match you will not be able to manually sync music to your iphone. Once match completes its scan of your itunes library, you will have access to all your music in the cloud. However, the track download to a cache when you play it and if you want to access music when you have no wifi signal, you will need to predownload the tracks you want.


    You import CDs as you usually do and after a few minutes match will process those tracks and match or upload them. You don't need to select update Itunes match but if you wish to start the match process immediately, select the tracks > ctrl+click and select add to icloud from pop up box.


    If you want to delete music fcompletely, delete the tracks and a prompt will ask if you want to delete from iCloud and then select move to trash.



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    thank you very much, that helped a lot!


    so that means if i import 200 new songs in my iTunes, they wont be on my iPhone (offline available).

    I have to go on my iphone and find all those different tracks, and press that "download from cloud"-sign for every single song or album?



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    Tracks will not be available offline unless you have downloaded them to your phone. Once tracks are in the cloud you will see all the tracks with a download symbol. You can download individually, by album, by playlist. Once downloaded the download symbol will no longer appear. You do not sign for anything.


    You will now be able to play those tracks when you have or have not a wifi connection. By the way, tracks that you play from wifi download automatically to a separate cache - this enables to play them again without wifi - this cache is periodically cleared.



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    ok, great thank you!


    but there is no automatical download, so for exemple i import a new CD into iTunes! and i dont touch my phone till some hours later i go outside for a jog! will this new CD be offlline available instantly on my phone? or will i first have to download them?


    Is there a possibllity to sync music automaticly with your ios device, and by sync i mean that it will be offline available without me actually going in there and download it!

    for exemple putting it in a special playlist which automatically syncs...


    How is the system with the playlists anyway? will all the playlists i have in itunes appear on my phone?




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    If you go out jogging and have no wifi access, you will not have access to the new tracks unless you have pre downloaded them.


    You cannot manually sync with match turned on. Your playlists should appear on your iPhone but you will still need to predownload to listen when you have no wifi.