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Patrick___ Level 1 Level 1

The alerts are configured correctly, if I look at the alert it says that an email will be send (for ex. 09.00 the day before). However when the moment comes, the email does not. Can anyone help me with this one. This is the case since the upgrade to Mavericks.

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  • cr8zy2bme Level 1 Level 1

    It seems that new appointments created in the new ical have no option to send alerts through e-mail, maybe this is why it no longer works.


    I don't see anywhere in preferences where we can enable this feature which is rather annoying because I found this very useful in iCal as opposed to outlook.

  • Patrick___ Level 1 Level 1

    Well actually you can:


    If you create a new event, you select the option add alert, then you take custom. That gives you the option to select an email reminder! You have your email adres filled in, but the email does not come. I have had the reminder when I made the reminder for the next day or the day itself but not with repeating events.


    Can you check how this is working for you? It is essential in how I work with iCal... I can't be alone in this one I guess....

  • david007hugh Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Patrick, I have the same problem as does everybdy else I guess - it just wont work!


    I have set My Card in address book, tested it 100 times and whatever you do it ill not send an email alert? Everything I see on forums blah blahs about setting my card in address book and hey presto but none of it helps.


    Someone MUST know if it will ever work or if it is another issues that apple will never resolve, instead they will just ruin a perfectly nice looking operating system by updating it and making my phone icons and notes / bookshelf etc look like it was bought from Toys R Us instead of an Apple store!


    Did you find a solution to iCal not sending email alerts? DAVID.

  • Patrick___ Level 1 Level 1

    Nope, it is not working.... I found new suggestions involving an icloud email but it does not work for me...


    I am working around it now for the time being by not using iCal... lousy solution... another option is busycal, I used to run it on the background because I like iCal better. So I add tasks with an email reminder in iCal, it syncs with busycal and busycal sends me the **** email... I guess this makes pretty clear that there is a bug in iCal. It syncs with iCal and therefor it actually does send out the emails, but after the free trial it is 50 bucks for this workaround...


    Apple needs to get this thing fixed...

  • GM_Wil Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, I hope they fix this soon...you wouldn't think it would be a very hard issue to solve...

  • jkuzniar Level 1 Level 1

    Having same issue here. Our work-around was moving the user to Google-hosted calendar and syncing Calendar.app and his iPhone to the Google Apps account. My original post is here.




  • LDRCF Level 1 Level 1

    Seems it sometimes does send me an email reminder and sometimes not.. Why that is I do not know but very irritating as I use this to remind me to pay bills and have missed payment due dates because of this. Apple please fix this problem! Of course everytime I do a "test" it works!

  • Danielle Perugini Level 1 Level 1

    Did anyone ever find a solution for this?  Mine was working up until a couple weeks ago.  I used it to remind me to complete certain tasks, pay bills, etc. and they've all stopped.  I still get alerts that pop up on my phone, but no email.  I've re-checked all the settings, which all look correct (they worked for years so I sort of knew they weren't the problem)...


    Can we resurrect Steve Jobs? 

  • lisafromcorydon Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure if it is the solution for anyone else.  But here is what worked for me after I'd had several one to one sessions in the past 17 months to no avail at finding a solution.  I had set up a new computer 17 months ago due to some icloud issues. (I am NOT an icloud fan)  So I set up new computer at the Apple Store under their guidance.  I use Thunderbird for mail and just haven't taken the time to switch full time usage to MAIL.  I did set up the accounts in MAIL, however.  Problem was the emails that needed to be sent on behalf of iCAL's set alarms could not go out because my password for outgoing emails in MAIL was not set.  I'm doubting this is anyone else's solution because I'm betting y'all are using MAIL to send emails without any problems.  When I went to send a test email from MAIL, it gave me a message that I needed to input my password for that account.  As soon as I did input the password the email I was trying to send via MAIL did go out.  So I went to MAIlL settings and added the password and saved it. Now the email reminders/alerts are being sent via MAIL and I am getting them on Thunderbird as I used to do. Check your iCAL pref and see what email address you have set for them to go to.  Make sure that email address is set up in your MAIL or whatever you are using to get email.  Make sure that MAIL (which is the ap used to send the outgoing alert/reminders) and iCAL both have the same email address/password/account info set up.