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  • Parre Level 1 (15 points)

    I've no hangs since 2 weeks almost. But not due to the latest release from Apple for my MBP 2011.

  • Steve-J Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the sleep / wake problem on my brand new MBPR and it's replacement (replaced when they considered it to be a hardware problem).


    I removed anti-virus software and had no other software running during sleep. For test purposes, at the end of each day I closed all apps, logged out of my account and manually clicked the sleep button before closing the lid (and touched no buttons). Next morning the machine would not start up without a forced reset.


    After updating to 10.9.2, I was immediately disappointed as the problem persisted. It was different however, an error report was being produced and sent to Apple. On one occasion it just 'force restarted' as I opened the lid (without me using the power button). This was not a standard wake-up and the error report was still produced!


    The reason for me commenting now is that some weeks later, the problem appears to have gone. (If it happened tomorrow then I would still be surprised by the reduced incidence). I have neither added nor removed any software. Since taking 10.9.2 have had just one update to iTunes and one to 'Mac Family Tree 7'.


    Is this due to some self tuning perhaps? I'll contiunue with my particular 'test' until I'm happy to let go.

  • Supreem Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey Steve-J


    I have exactly the same pattern of issues as you described on my 2013 rMBP i.e. prior to 10.9.2 after some long sleep periods (3 hours+) it would simply crash with blacked-out screen, totally unresponsive keyboard/trackpad, drained battery and warm to the touch, requiring a hard shutdown to being back to life.


    However, since 10.9.2 update, whilst still occurring at the same frequency, when it now crashes you can actually wake it up and it will display a Sleep/Wake Failure report to send to Apple and the WiFi will not connect, stating that there is no WiFi hardware available, requiring a restart to get the WiFi back. So yeah exact same symptoms as you.


    Knowing that 10.9.2 did not change the problem I began to think of what I had put on my MacBook that I didn't have on my old 2010 MBP which sleeps fine with Mavericks, and I eventually noticed that I had put a banking security application on my rMBP called 'Trusteer Rapport', having noticed this I had a look through the 'Console' logs I had saved when my rMBP had crashed and did cmd+F and typed in 'Trusteer' and also 'Rapport', each and every console logs showed lots of messages to do with Trusteer Rapport so upon this discovery I have now fully uninstalled Trusteer Rapport in the hope that this is the culprit, I have put it to sleep nightly since the 9th of March and it's woke up fine but the true test is 2 weeks of nightly sleeps without a single crash so I have another 11 nail-biting sleeps, cringing as I open up my rMBP hoping that it's not crashed.


    I think that because you have had a full replacement rMBP with no change to the issue and the fact that we have both had the crash occurring after updating to 10.9.2 it may sound (at least I hope) that it's not a hardware issue but rather some third party software (like my Trusteer Rapport banking security application) that is conflicting with the 'Hibernation Sleep Mode' of Mavericks.


    Only time will tell...

  • Parre Level 1 (15 points)

    Holding thumbs :)

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    I've been experiencing a somewhat similar problem on my iMac purchased in August 2012, with Mavericks 10.9.2 installed.  Actually, I started having the problem with 10.9.2, and didn't experience it before.   


    When I put my computer in sleep mode for more than a few hours, it crashes, and I can't wake it up either with my mouse or the on/off button on the back of the monitor.  I've had to reboot my power strip/modem in order to turn on the computer.  So far, from this extensive thread, it looks like there's no good fix.  I've also found the mail program to be buggy since the beginning.     

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    Well, it helped for two or three nights, and then it crashed again. Looks like Apple did not fix it in 10.9.2 for sure....

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    Hello Supreem,

    I have been having the same problem with my Late 2013 15" rMBP. I noticed I've also installed this banking security software,Trusteer Rapport, prior to noticing this sleep/wake crash problem.

    I never had this problem until i installed this third party software.

    Since it seems to have solved your problem for now, I think I should also give it a try.

    Can you please walk me throgh the steps to completely uninstall it on my rMBP?

    Thank you.

  • Supreem Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey mate,


    Yep after months and months of testing I finally figured out that it could be this Trusteer Rapport banking security software that basically conflicts with the hibernation of Mavericks. I've had the Trusteer Rapport software fully uninstalled for 8 days and I have put my rMBP to sleep every night for the last 8 days and not one crash, which was unheard of for me, so I'm exceptionally happy, Apple would have been chasing this ghost for months if I hadn't of realised what it was.


    If you have Trusteer Rapport on yours then I can almost guarantee that is whats casing your long sleep crashes.


    To uninstall it you need the .dmg file that you got when you downloaded it however nobody keeps that .dmg so instead all you do is re-download the .dmg by going here: and clicking the blue coloured text link 'download it here'


    Once you have the .dmg file simply follow the instructions on this video:


    and your done! Happy days again

  • Cntiamoah Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks mate.

    I just finished uninstalling the Trusteer Rapport software by folowing your instructions.

    I hope this works for me too. I will be updating you with the results as I have enterd the "test phase" now.

    Thanks once again. I'm specially grateful for your help.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.


    I actually had the problem this afternoon for the 3rd time since I started experiencing it.

    So I decided to check this forum for a solution and lo and behold, found out I wasn't the only one.

    After reading ur post, I realised I had Trusteer Rapport active just before I closed the lid of my mac last night as the last webpage I visited was Rapport protected.

    So I have no doubt it was the culprit. At least until proven otherwise.

  • Cntiamoah Level 1 (0 points)

    My rMBP was put to sleep for more than 9 hours in each circumstance that this problem

    happened...Just to confirm that it happens after long hours of sleep.

  • Cntiamoah Level 1 (0 points)

    My fear now is how do I protect my online transactions?

    Because I'm sure my bank would keep bothering me to install Rapport again.

    It appears to be a very useful software though.

  • EagleTree Level 1 (5 points)

    On the two threads (among several) I'm following about the sleep/wake hibernate crash, a few people have "found the answer" by uninstalling third party software, others by turning knobs on the hibernation settings, others by disconnecting third-party monitors and even external hard drives, and still others who have had no respite.


    I would caution all, that it seems clear from the massive number of people who have simply installed Mavericks and had the problem suddenly appear, I doubt that the third-party software is the culprit. I could buy that it is the victim of Mavericks. In my case, many simple reconfigurations eventually made the problem disappear and I'm unable to recreate it now. I would not be overly surprised if removing software, adding software, or just futzing with the hibernation options all bring about a "solution". But the problem is Mavericks, because this scenario should not be able to happen on a kernel-based professional operating system (i.e., this OS is not supposed to be a loosely related collection of programs ala Windows, that can be tossed to and fro by user installed software).


    We are dealing with a derivative of BSD Unix here and a user interface over the top of it that should be as professional (and normally has lived up to that). If a piece of third-party software can take out your access to the system, the problem is still very firmly in Apple's court. It should not be able to happen, and should be addressed. I think reporting the problem (including any actions you've taken that alleviate it's symptoms), is still valuable. Additionally, if you have deinstalled third-party software and the symptom disappeared, report it to that company too. That will hopefully provide additional information to Apple that may let them plug the holes that are permitting the problem to occur.


    I personally want an OSX that is as bulletproof as the one I upgraded from. That was why I moved our business to Apple.

  • Supreem Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey mate,


    Yeah I think now you've 'got shut' of Rapport you will be as good as gold.


    The truth with Rapport is that even when it's not lit-up green, in fact even when all your apps running are fully quit down on your Mac, Rapport is still doing things in the background, hence why on one of my tests a while ago, I had quit every singe app down before putting my rMBP to sleep for the night, the next morning it had still crashed and when I looked in the 'Console' application on my Mac, low and behold tons of log messages form Rapport even with no apps running.


    It's not just Rapport that causes this issue, its many different security applications such as some anti-virus applications as well, the hibernation mode in Mavericks conflicts with them which means that essentially the software developers at Trusteer and other security software companies all need to bring there software up to date to run with the new hibernation workings of Mavericks.


    We both should really e-mail Trusteer and make them aware that when a Mac with their software installed goes into hibernation mode, it causes the Mac to crash, and not just 2013 Macs but any Mac of any year running Mavericks.


    As far as fear of security I would say contact your bank initially and tell them the issue and see if they have any alternatives you can use instead which may or may not cause the same issue, if your bank has heard it a few times they might let Trusteer know (probably wishful thinking there haha)


    Also if you haven't already then turn on your Mac's Firewall, by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy

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    Cntiamoah wrote:


    My fear now is how do I protect my online transactions?

    Because I'm sure my bank would keep bothering me to install Rapport again.

    It appears to be a very useful software though.


    Of course if not having the Trusteer Rapport on your Mac is going to cause you yourself to have 'sleep failures' (pun intended ) then you can always re-install Rapport and each time you go to sleep at night remember to shut down your MacBook, in the hope that one day the people at Trusteer get wind of this rather serious issue and put out an update for it or vice versa with Apple and a Mavericks update.

  • Cntiamoah Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Buddy.

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