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    You could be right. It could very well be the GPU driver that is causing the probelm. However I do have the latest and I cheked again with Software Update to be sure there was nothing I've missed. I have every update available. With all the compalints since the first version of Mavericks I would assume that Apple would have fixed this by now, as people have been crying for. I've tried evevry fix imaginable and nothing has worked until I brought the tempurature down with a fan tweak. No one else has found a fix that works (except for a few who had Permissions, PRAM or SMC issues).

    i have a mid-2007 iMac that was working perfectly on Snow Leopard and the problem of the Black Screen of Death started immediatly upon a clean install of Mavericks. Just for fun I also loaded it onto an exteranl drive and booted from there with the same problem. It happens on the Login screen (if I leave it long enough), on Guest User, and on Safe Boot. It still happens if I free the fans to revert to their origional settings. I've vacuumed out the ventilation ports so there shouldn't be too much dust in there. The only conclusion I can come to is that it's a Mavericks problem or a fault with the latest GPU driver which would have come with Mavericks. Either way there is no way the perameters for fan control should be set to allow for the fans to run at slower speeds when themperatures get over the boiling point of water.

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    We should probably be discussing this in a more appropriate forum, so if you have one closer to your issue, let me know. I doubt that many of the laptop users here are suffering from the same issue.


    If it is a Graphic driver issue, then there are a couple of comments I think need to be made.


    The responsibility for fixing both firmware and driver issues starts with the Graphics board manufacture, which in your case appears to be AMD with either an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT or 2600 PRO. It's obviously a somewhat shared responsibility with Apple, so any issues must be known to both, but in the end it's up to ATI to re-code the software / firmware and turn it over to Apple for distribution. So you might find some answers in the AMD Forum.


    Secondly, there have been many rumors, mostly from 9to5Mac, that the 10.9.3 update that's due "real soon now" is focused, in part, on graphics and audio drivers. That tells me that Apple is aware of some sort of graphics issues in Mavericks, and even though I doubt they are paying much attention to machines as old as yours, there could be some spillover that might be of some benefit here. There are many aspects to graphic operations, so whether heat is part of what's being addressed or not is anybody's guess.


    You may have seen an earlier recommendation to explore whether or not 10.9.3 has anything for you would be to join the  OS X Beta Seed Program for Mavericks. Not only will that give you a chance to see if your problem is affected by the update, it gives you a new means of providing direct feedback to Apple on your specific issues.

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    I have an old MacBook Pro mid-2010 and the fix for me appears to be to "Automatic graphics switching" under Energy Saver in System Preferences.  Every since I disabled it my wake/sleep issue has disappeared.

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    andyappel wrote:


    the fix for me appears to be to "Automatic graphics switching" under Energy Saver in System Preferences.  Every since I disabled it my wake/sleep issue has disappeared.

    That seems to working for several users who are able to make this adjustment.

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    I subscribed to the beta test program today, downloaded and installed the beta version of 10.9.3 and the first thing I noticed was that the average temperature on all CPU-like components (also on GPU) dropped from around 80C to around 57C on an idle system (using Temperature Gauge 4.1). So that looks at least promising if the temperature of the GPU is one of the issues. And as my mac mini gets relatively hot in standby when it hangs trying to get out of sleep, I can imagine it has at least something to do with it.

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    Note that the current update to OSX 10.9.3 has a fix for CVE-2014-1321 which addresses waking after trying to sleep.  It is possible that this might fix this issue.



    Description: If a key was pressed or the trackpad touched just after the lid was closed, the system might have tried to wake up while going to sleep, which would have caused the screen to be unlocked. This issue was addressed by ignoring keypresses while going to sleep. This issue does not affect systems prior to OS X Mavericks.

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    Well, unfortunately, it did not solve my issue. Althought the behaviour is a bit different, I do get the system back out of sleep with a lot of keypresses, and then it hangs, ór, it'll give me the login prompt, I can login, and thán it hangs. But it hangs anyway......

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    I invested a lot of money in my Macbook Pro Mid-2012. I installed Mavericks on it the moment it came out. Ever since I did that, my computer lost its ability to wake up after closing the lid. It becomes non-responsive and you need to hold down the power button for several seconds before the computer will forcibly shutdown and how that affects productivity is tremendous. Apple doesn't give their users tools to downgrade their operating system. Rather, they must do it themselves at huge time and cost. Therefore my Macbook Pro Mid-2012 is now nothing more than a defective product. The fact that this software bug STILL isn't fixed tells me that Apple doesn't care and are only concerned with making profit.


    I have a macbook 5,2 (2009 model). Apple decided that it would be fine to end support for Snow Leopard after releasing 10.6.8, which disabled the laptop's speakers. Now my laptop chimes upon boot but then nothing. No sound for my macbook. Ever again. Apple doesn't care anymore. . Known problem. Conventient as then they can simply compell users to buy the upgrade. Bunch of crooks Apple are. Apple could simply give the consumer's the choice to roll back changes to drivers and the operating system but no.

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    I'm in the same boat as you.  I decided to switch over to Apple in 2011 because I fell for the Marketing hype of "it just works" well Apple constrains your choices and force feeds you their way of doing things, which right now is a complete failure.  As soon as I'm ready for a new device I'll be switching back to Windows.  I can only hope Google comes out with an PC OS soon as they are the only tech company that seems to get it.

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    Had a Mac 128 when they first came out (yes I'm old) and just loved it.  For a long time I had a Mac and a PC sitting side by side - Mac I loved - PC I needed for work.  Well at some point the cost of owning two PCs was too much and the PC won.  That was back in the early Windows days.  Being a big Linux user but frustrated with the lack of available laptop hardware that would run a good Linux GUI I decided it was time so back in February of this year I bought a used MacBook Pro.  First thing I did was update to Mavericks and for the first month everything was OK.  I had a great piece of hardware running a nice version of Unix.  Not sure what happened then but about 6 weeks after that al the problems started to happen.  A first I thought I bought a lemon unti I started reading all the posts and hearing about folks with similiar issues on even newer MacBooks.  I even wiped the system completeely clean and installed a new hard drive without much difference.  *** Apple?  At this point I am so close to ordering a Linux laptop from System76 or ZaReason and putting the MacBook on eBay.


    BTW used to be a big Android users and finally caved into the pressure of friends and maybe some of the marketing hype and went iPhone.  Read about that here


    Fix it Apple.  Fix it or else I'm done.  This time I will be done for good. 

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    andyappel wrote:


    Fix it Apple.  Fix it or else I'm done.  This time I will be done for good. 

    You almost certainly aren't communicating with Apple here, so you need to either buy something else or go elsewhere to get help.


    If the problems started at the six month period, why didn't you seek help directly from Apple then? You paid for a year of AppleCare when you bought it and nowhere do you say you ever took advantage of it. Why can't you take it to an Apple Store Genius Bar or authorized Apple repair facility now? Did you try the Mavericks Beta Testing when you had the chance to provide Apple direct feedback on the issue?


    I see you haven't even asked for help from users here in the forum. You made one post indicating your's was fixed by using "Automatic graphics switching" above, but you've given us almost no detailed information about the issue.


    Since you say you've tried everything in this way too long conversation, if you want help then you need to start a new discussion in either the MBP or Mavericks Forum with a detailed explanation of what you are seeing along with an EtreCheck and probably crash report postings. The majority of people still reading this are probably in the same boat as you and won't be able to help. Get some expert advice focused on your specific issue and situation and you might be pleasantly surprised. Sorry, but that's just the way this Forum works.

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    I think you are taking my post a wee bit personal.  I have had numerous issues with this MacBook.  I have made numerous posts for different reasons.  I have been in touch with a Genius and the typical answer is bring it in and we wil look at it - but there will be a charge.  This is not a brand new MacBook.  This is a 2010 MacBook.  Maybe the answer is buy a new MacBook but I have been reading the posts and I have read similiar complaints from users with much newer MacBooks.  I am also a member of the Mavericks Beta Seed program.  Is there anything else I should be trying?  Let me know.  While I love my MacBook and the functionality of OSX I wish it worked flawlessly.  I hate to say it but my former HP EliteBook running Windows 7 was more stable - but I hate Windows.  I am motivated to get this thing fixed but there is a limit to my patience.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this gets resolved soon.

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    Its not hardware related nor third party software related.  Its the OS.  I know many many people who have the same problem with differing levels of Macs.  We have done extensive testing of the problem involving everything from deleting programs out one by one to a full wipe of the hard drive and reinstall.


    I personally found with 4 friends when running Lion with no third party apps/programs installed it works fine.  Then upgrading to Mavericks all the problems start.  We tried it with Macbook Pros and Airs several different iterations and years running nothing but Mavericks and the Apple software that comes with it.  Several of these people are software developers and know more about PCs and Macs than everyone on this board put together.  Definitely more than the so called Genius'.


    Its the OS and Apple is doing nothing to fix it.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

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    andyappel wrote:


    I think you are taking my post a wee bit personal.

    Perhaps, but if so it's because I've been a Mac user for almost as long as you (Mac SE) and Mavericks is giving me the best experience ever on my 2011 iMac i7, so I agree that it's time to figure out exactly what's going on with those of you who aren't able to enjoy it.

    I have made numerous posts for different reasons.

    I checked before I posted my last and I those I found were mostly about iOS & Android and one on group messaging issues, so if there were other posts they seem to either have been deleted or posted under a different name. I was hoping to know more about your setup.


    I don't think purchasing a new Apple laptop would necessarily be the way to go (this topic is supposed to be about 2013 MBAs). But I have talked with dozens of other Apple Laptops going back to 2007 and over ninety percent of those who had issues with OS X 10.9 have had all issues resolved by 10.9.3. That being said, the issues they suffered were quite varied, with the most common complaints being graphics related. From blurred and distorted images to overheating GPU's and yes, wake from sleep. What wasn't totally clear was exactly what changed to resolve things. Even though the only graphics improvement announced was for "Improves 4K display support on Mac Pro and Retina MacBook Pro (both late 2013 models)" I know of a lot of other laptop users were helped by other apparent changes to graphics driver files. It's just been surprising to me that more users posting in this thread have seemingly not been helped.

    I am also a member of the Mavericks Beta Seed program.  Is there anything else I should be trying?

    That's a good start, but from what I hear it doesn't allow for much detailed information getting back to engineering concerning issues. The problem reports serve to get counts of what computers are having what sorts of issues, but does not result in detailed analysis of the root causes. There used to be a way to file detailed Bug Reports with a free developer account, but they seem to have made those available only to Safari Extension developers now. That leaves the $99 full up developer account or AppleCare access to Apple Engineering. I'm sure you are correct that Apple focuses on new hardware and has little interest in older setups. They used to be better about that when there were fewer models available. I spent a day in their testing lab where every model they had ever manufactured was there and available to for their own as well as limited third party software testing (for a price, I assume). It seems they don't find that possible any more, hence the public beta program.

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