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Just bought a brand new 27" all n One iMac. iMovie DVD burning? I made the movie and burned to disc and it won't play on my home TV? what do I do? I used DVD -R, DVD +R and a CD they all show disc error on my tv. It can be viewed via internet only. I need to see it on TV's. I make movies fro family and friends to watch on their tv's and I also make movies for people who have passed to play at the funeral. I am so disappointed that iMovie has changed so much and there is no longer iDVD.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), iMac OS X Mnt. Lion (10.8.5)
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    If you have iDVD on your iMac you can burn movies you created in iMovie 10 to DVD:


    In iMovie 10 go to File>Share>File, choose the size (probably should choose either SD or Large) then click Next, give it a name, then click Save (remember where you saved it to).


    Wait until the Activity Indicator shows that the sharing process is complete.


    Go to iDVD. Go to File>Import>Video and select the file you created earlier. It will bring the video into your iDVD project. Prepare your DVD project and when you're ready, click the "Burn" button.


    iDVD is no longer officially supported by Apple, but it still works great.

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    New iMacs don't have a DVD drive or burner.

    What third party external device are you using?

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    I have the Apple external disc drive.

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    The new iMac doesn't have iDVD.  I thought I did as you have written aboev. I follwed the directions from iMovie help. I will do exactly as you suggest tonight. I'm at work today. Thank you and I will let you know how it goes.