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I have a mac OS X ver. 10.7.5.


Last night I discovered that even after charging to 100%, the batttery only lasts 2 hours or a little more,

when it used to be good for 4 or close to 5.


I had the battery tested but nothing seems to be wrong with it.

I looked at the Activity Monitor also and checked the cpu like it said on one of the other discussions... nothing seems to be out of order...


Right now it's even more confusing because at times the battery bar in the menu will say 4:05 remaining at 90% but suddenly change to 2:23 or something at 90% and back and forth.


I have been using Final Cut Pro lately and the computer became hot and loud at times because of it -- could it have something to do with what I'm having trouble now?

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.5)