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I've decided to start off a new thread having initially posted on How to locally sync an iPhone with OS X Mavericks? iCloud is NOT an option.


It is clear to me that it is possible to establish syncing locally without going outside one's own home, and without internet access. I am bugged by the fact that the previous service has gone without any user focussed warning, but I am keen to find a way of solving the problem. If you are just frustrated, I'd be grateful if you can keep your annoyance off this thread.


My guess is that a CalDav and CardDav server hosted on my own Mac can be set upt to sync with my iPhone (3GS) either on a Computer-to-Computer (ad hoc) network or via my own home LAN. The trouble is I am not network/Apache savvy enough to use it.


I am reluctant to fork out an additional amount for the Mavericks server as I don't have any other foreseeable need for it, but Mavericks comes with Apache pre-loaded and there is a very light, simple and free open source CalDav and CardDav server in Baïkal. The trouble is I am not apache/network savvy enough to make use of it, and basically I am stumbling along in the near dark with terminal.


There are some good resources for setting up Apache and for setting up Virtual Hosts which would host my personal 'cloud', and Baïkal also comes with setup guides as well. The trouble is, I don't quite have enough knowledge to marry the two together. Is there anyone contributing to or watching this thread who has the know-how to do a proper step by step guide for running Baïkal on Apache as installed in the Mavericks OS, and setting up a local 'cloud'.


AFAICT the problem with the resources I have found is that the Apache stuff I've found doesn't particularly focus on running Baïkal, and the Baïkal documentation is not specific to Apache on Mavericks. Is there anyone out there who can give me some help with this?


Can anyone help - please?

OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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