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Final Cut Pro 7 (Studio upgrade from 2.2, up through 5.1 and several Pro upgrages and patches since then) now asks for Serial Number after upgrading to Mavericks.  The old original Serial Numbers do not work.  Does anyone know how to get FCP7 working again?  I still use it, and have many plugins I need that don't exist in FCPX.  Despair....  Upgrading to Mavericks has cause one problem after another.

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    If you are installing from an upgrade disc, you need to enter the serial number of the (last) full version you are upgrading from, and then you will be prompted to enter the serial number from the upgrade disc.







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    Thanks.  I'm not installing it.  I've been running it for years.  After upgrading to Mavericks, when I try to run it, I now get a prompt for my name, company name and serial number.  I've gone through several upgrades and ProApp patch upgrades since version 5.2.  Those were downloadable.  The last one I remember upgrading to had its own serial number, but asked me for to enter the old one too.  I really don't know the serial number to put in anymore.  It will not accept the serial number I have attached to the Installation booklet, nor the one from version 2.2 (I've been a licensed user for almost a decade).  I have the same problem with Shake and Color (probably all the older versions of Studio).  I also have upgraded to the newer FCPX, Motion, Logic, etc.  I use both, but most of my plugins work only under the older FCP7 version.


    How can I get the FCP7 version of Final Cut Studio working again in Mavericks?

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    I am not clear. You started off in Final Cut Pro v.? and what was the OP SYS and machine that you began on 10 yrs ago? Did you upgrade$ or update the versions. Are you still on the same machine? The reason I ask is that I am running both 7 & X with no issues yet, but I never try to open them BOTH up at once. Did you accidentlly do that?

    -- Cheers

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    Thanks for the response.  Ten years was a slight exaggeration.  Only slight though, but I think it was in 2003 or 2004.  Original version was 2.1 or 2.2 I think.


    I think the original OS was 9.  It still had the older GUI that you could run within the OS.  At that time, it was a G3 or G4.  I've upgraded machines several times since then, switching to Intel when it became available.  This is the third Intel MacPro tower system I've run it on (3.1.8, 3.57 GHz, 24G RAM, dual quad-core).  I've moved the disks from an older Intel system into the newer one, and have done that each time I'd gotten a newer bigger Intel system.


    I updated, upgraded FCP each time, eventually repurchasing the package with both PowerPC and Intel packages (I think that was version 5.1), and continued upgrades via downloadable upgrades since.


    I did not try to open both at once.  Just the older version (not FCPX).  Prior to upgrading to Mavericks, the application worked, and did not ask for the serial number to run.  After upgrading to Mavericks, it now asks for the serial number, and none of the serial numbers I have attached as stickers on the Installation brochures which came with the installable media are accepted as valid serial numbers.


    Hope I'm making sense.

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    If it were me - if I couldn't pull the s # from a ccc b/u... I'd call Apple. They are know to be very helpful with supplying the right serial # once they realize that you are a bonafide a # 1 love -u- long time Mac fan/customer.  Really, I'd just call 'em. I honestly cannot think of any other way. Good Luck tho...